Panasonic Rental Frame


Rental frames for 1-Chip DLP Projectors

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Key features

Convertible Design
Improved adjustment possibilities
Full stacking compability to earlier frame models
Built-in galvanic inslation
DGUV V17 verified

The rental frames are sturdy, strong and visually appealing. 
In addition, they offer a horizontal and vertical adjustment feature for the ideal projector position. 

Compatible Projectors:

PT-DZ13, PT-RZ660, PT-RW620, PT-RZ770, PT-RW730, PT-RZ870, PT-RZ970, PT-RW930, PT-RX110, PT-RZ120

Panasonic Rental frame for live events and staging

  • Convertible design that makes it easy to remove the upper part of the frame without additional tools when using ultra-short throw lenses
  • Full stacking compatibility with previous frames – almost identical outer dimensions
  • Built-in galvanic insulation from the projector housing to the trussing - no need for additional plastic washers to avoid electrical problems
  • Easy mounting and precise adjustment of the projector when inside the frame