Panasonic projectors on the Monumental Tour stage

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Client: Monumental Tour – AV-Extended

Location: France

Product(s) supplied: PT-RQ32K


Present some of France’s iconic landmarks and create spectacular stage designs by combining video projection and lighting.


Use Panasonic projectors for projection mapping during electronic music concerts, as part of the Monumental Tour. The projectors ensure optimal results of the projections on historical monuments.
The Monumental Tour is a concept driven by artists Michael Canitrot and Jéremie Bellot which combines electronic music, historical features and architectural aspects. This event allows spectators to live an extraordinary sensory experience in some of France’s iconic landmarks: the audience watches a show of light and visual creations by the collective designers of AV-Extended while listening to electronic music played by DJs and other new talents.

"Our project was really ambitious so we mainly needed a top-quality partner to achieve our goals. We wanted to go further on DJ stage designs. Thanks to Panasonic’s projectors, we managed to meet the challenge which was as much technical as artistic."

A tour combining music, iconic landmarks and projections

Launched in September 2019, the Monumental Tour has placed its speakers and spectacular mappings in three of France's iconic landmarks: the Palais Rohan in Strasbourg and the Abbaye Saint-Vaast in Arras, as well as the Jean Lurçat Museum in Angers.

In 2020, a first digital edition was inaugurated at the Château de Vincennes with more than 650,000 views on social networks.

Building on the success of previous editions, the Monumental Tour 2021 will show spectators emblematic sites (Phare des Baleines, the Mont-Saint-Michel, the Cité de l'automobile and the Château de Pierrefonds) by combining history with electronic music and architecture with projection mapping.

“We have a contemporary approach to video projection and video mapping. For the Monumental Tour, we needed, in a short time, to make an impact in order to create amazing stage designs. With Panasonic's projectors and their excellent features (laser, contrast and focus), we managed to make a 50-minute show that combines mapping, sound and light,” explains Jérémie Bellot, founder of AV-Extended.

Projection mapping to electro beats

During the Monumental Tour, 30 technicians worked on the last show (Phare des Baleines) while 3 creative managers and 1 graphic designer took care of the projection mapping. To carry out this large-scale project, the teams used 4 Panasonic 30K laser projectors that offer high-resolution content and adapt to large venues.

The quality of the image and immersion as well as the level of contrast are crucial for the realization of these architectural mappings. The teams selected these Panasonic projectors because they are particular silent, and more specifically for the laser quality.

To ensure the success of the shooting, the teams performed technical recognition tasks to identify the projection area, position the projectors and calculate the focal lengths before installing the equipment. They then carried out a mapping and blending of the area to cover the different surfaces of the projectors.

“We are lucky because we can test Panasonic products (projectors or housing) before integrating them in our projects. This allows us to identify our needs when we develop a stage design,” says Jérémie Bellot.

“We recommend Panasonic for its technical support but also for the human factor. Once, something unexpected happened during a show and the entire Panasonic team worked together to solve the issue as efficiently and quickly as possible. Our relationship with the brand is based on trust: the company supports us with the deployment of the equipment but also in R&D for the overall project,” concludes Michael Canitrot.


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