Flexible and cost-efficient Solid Shine laser projector



Designed for single-screen projection and equipped with advanced collaboration technologies for education and corporate use. Laser light source, LCD, 6 500 lumens, WUXGA projector.

Key features

Laser LCD, 6,500 lumens, WXGA
Compact and lightweight body, designed with ultra-low noise operation (28dB)
Exchangeable lenses (compatible with PT-EZ770 series lenses) for flexible installation in any meeting- or classroom
Packed with a wide range of collaboration technologies such as 5 Ghz wireless projection from multiple devices, secure streaming & networking, PC-less presentation, audio loop-through and others
Long lasting laser light source and low-maintenance design provide high brightness and superb image quality
Capability Icon File : VSBD
Capability Icon File : VSBD
Capability Icon File : VSBD
Brightness6,500 lm6,500 lm5,500 lm5,500 lm
Contrast ratio3,000,000:13,000,000:13,000,000:13,000,000:1


Bright, high-quality images

The MZ670 series combines outstanding Solid Shine laser with 3LCD technology to produce vivid, crisp images. The projectors offer high brightness of 6500lm (MZ670/MW630), high WUXGA resolution (MZ670/MZ570) and a high contrast ratio (3,000 000:1), while the Detail Clarity Processor 4 image processing circuit optimizes images, making them clearer and sharper.

Compact and lightweight

With a small footprint and weighing in at just 15.2kg, the MZ670 projectors are

compact and lightweight: a practical choice for use in teaching and meeting rooms. What’s more, the projectors are designed with ultra-low noise operation of 28dB in Eco mode – quieter than the sound of writing with a pencil ­– so the audience can focus on the presenter with no distractions.

Flexible installation

Thanks to the MZ670 series’ flexible installation options, the projectors can be used in classrooms and meeting rooms of almost any size. The lenses are interchangeable (compatible with PT-EZ770 series lenses) so the same projector can be used in smaller or larger rooms.

Meanwhile, with the Powered Lens Shift function there’s no need for a ladder when adjusting the lens shift and zoom/focus. Geometric adjustment lets you project onto curved or specially shaped screens and the 360 Degrees Free settings mean the projector can be installed and project at whatever angle you choose.

Designed for collaboration

The optional wireless ET-WM300 module adds a wide range of collaboration technologies which allow you to project wirelessly from multiple devices, present without a PC, and network and stream content securely. These functions make the MZ670 perfect for student presentations, interactive lectures, training, brainstorming and other collaborative meetings.

Long-lasting and low maintenance

Get up to 20,000 hours of brilliant, high-quality images from the long-lasting laser light source and low-maintenance design. The long-lasting Eco Filter can be used for up to 20,000 hours too, to help save time and avoid the hassle of replacing the filter (especially useful for ceiling mounted projectors). The dust resistant cabinet also helps to reduce maintenance and extend the life of the projector.

Adjustable images

The Colour Adjustment function lets you correct slight variations in the colour of individual screens, so screens used near each other match. The MZ670 series also features an ambient light sensor which automatically detects the light levels in the room and adjusts the brightness of the image to make it clearly visible in dark or bright rooms.

Flexible inputs and outputs

MZ670 projectors are DIGITAL LINK-ready, which means they can be connected to a DIGITAL LINK switcher using a single cable which reaches up to 150m, making installation simple and flexible. The projectors can also be connected directly to a wide range of different inputs and outputs.

Memory Viewer

With the MZ670 series you don’t need a computer to present – just plug in a USB and start projecting straight away using the Plug and Share application.

Specifications table

Brightness6,500 lumens
TechnologyLaser LCD
Power SupplyAC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption*1 505W (during standby) Approx. 0.5 W (When [STANDBY MODE] is set to [ECO]) Approx. 22 W (When [STANDBY MODE] is set to [NORMAL]) Approx. 47 W(When [IN STANDBY MODE] in [AUDIO SETTING] is set to [ON], maximum audio is output, and USB memory is inserted in the terminal) Approx. 115 W(When [QUICK STARTUP] is set to [ON], [IN STANDBY MODE] in [AUDIO SETTING] is set to [ON], maximum audio is output, and the power is supplied from the terminal)
BTU ValueMax 1,724BTU
LCD Panel | Panel Size19.3 mm (0.76 inches) diagonal (16:10 aspect ratio)
LCD Panel | Display MethodTransparent LCD panel (x 3, R/G/B)
LCD Panel | Drive MethodActive matrix method

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