Total immersion at the Hemisfèric de València: Astronomy and High Definition Shows

5-Channel Fulldome System featuring Panasonic technology.

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Client: Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències - Hemisfèric

Location: Valencia, Spain

Product(s) supplied: PT-RZ12K


How to choose the very best projection technology so the image quality is not affected by the dimensions of our hall or an intensive use?


The answer is by using 5 PT-RZ12 projectors, which provide brightness and autonomy as well as the outstanding quality and reliability required for a show such as this.

"“Our objective is to transport viewers to another planet, or even to another galaxy, all from the comfort of their own seats”"

Hemisfèric de València: A veritable show – inside and out

The Hemisfèric was inaugurated in 1998, it was to be the first Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències building to open to the public. It has a daring structure whose ovoid roof is more than 100 metres in length and represents a huge human eye – the eye of wisdom. By creating this structure, Calatrava sought to use surprising audio-visual projections to evoke how visitors see and observe the world.

With its three projection systems, the 900-square metre Hemisfèric de València dome screen is the largest in the country. Located in Santiago Calatrava's emblematic Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, its Fulldome system allows for admiring large-scale IMAX cinema,3D digital showsand full dome digital projections. The Fulldome system offers astronomy and entertainment shows aimed at providing spectators with a fully immersive experience.

“Our objective is to transport viewers to another planet, or even to another galaxy, all from the comfort of their seats. However, the dimensions of the hall and the intensive use of the equipment make this a great challenge. This is why we have chosen Panasonic's technology, because it provides great image sharpness and the necessary brightness, in addition to increased durability”

5-Channel Fulldome System featuring Panasonic technology

The Hemisfèric's entire dome screen is placed at the spectator's disposal to offer a great variety of high quality, sharp digital content. Its five Panasonic laser video projectors are key for generating high resolution 2D images. These are the PT-RZ12 projectors, boasting 12,000 lumens and a 20,000:1 contrast ratio. The result is a fully immersive experience, whether to gaze at the universe during any of the seasons in real time or to watch cinematographic content.

The PT-RZ12 projector stands out in the marketplace on account of its long-lasting brightness, given that it is able to operate uninterrupted for 20,000 hours. Additionally, it features a compact, light design, hermetically sealed, dustproof laser modules and cooling systems that allow for doing away with air filters.

Its Hybrid wheel system offers outstanding picture quality by combining a sharp image and extraordinary colour thanks to the SOLID SHINE double phosphor technology and double laser module.

All of these characteristics make the PT-RZ12 the perfect ally for intensive use in spaces such as educational centres, museums, exhibitions and digital signalling systems. Because of this, Panasonic Business' technology has been selected for the Hemisfèric's immersive experiences.

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