Panasonic has equipped one of the largest conference hotels in the Czech Republic with audio-visual technology

Hotel NH Collection Olomouc Congress is one of the most modern and largest conference hotels in the Czech Republic. Thanks to the uniqueness of the interior and state of the art audio-visual equipment, it ranks among the top in Central Europe.

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Client: NH Collection Olomouc Congress

Location: Legionarska 21, Olomouc, Czech Republic

Product(s) supplied: ET-DLE020 ET-UK20 ET-CUK10_CUK10P TH-55SQ1 TH-43EQ1 TH-86CQ1 TH-65CQ1 TH-50CQ1 PT-RZ990


Ensuring the complete equipment of the hotel with audio-visual technology at the highest technological level while respecting the design character of the interior and enabling the organization of various events.


Panasonic professional displays and projectors were selected to equip the hotel and conference rooms with visual technology.

"We put emphasis on the consistency of the highest level visual equipment and the hotel interior design. Panasonic was able to meet our requirements and provided us with the solution that created a technologically and visually unique space,"


NH Collection Olomouc Congress is an ideal place not only for accommodation, but also for organizing social and conference events. The hotel meeting space consist of 12 conference rooms with a total capacity of up to 1600 participants. All conference and meeting rooms have daylight access and are equipped with the latest audio-visual technology. There is 11 conference rooms on the first floor,all with Wi-Fi and LAN connection. In front of each conference roomis a display with interactive navigation. There are two conference reception desks, a large foyer and there is an access to our door terrace from 8 meeting rooms. On the ground floor there is a VIP Lounge with capacity up to 12 people equipped with professional 65" display.

The largest conference hall EUROPE is an ideal venue for lectures and congresses, social events, balls, concerts or gala evenings thanks to its size and facilities.The other meeting rooms MADRID and OLOMOUC can be divided into several smaller rooms in various combinations. They are separable from each other by a soundproof mobile wall, have their own presentation equipment and separate terraces. Their dispositions are particularly suitable for organizing smaller trainings and corporate events.

NH Collection Olomouc Congress is the world's best rated hotel within the NH Hotel Group.

Decision making process

The decision making process about the final technological solution of the NH Collection Olomouc Congress hotel took more than two years of communication between the hotel owner, architect and designer of audio-visual technologies. A large number of displays and projectors underline the uniqueness of this hotel, not only in this region, but also in entire Czech Republic.

Information display in the hotel lobby

Projection in the largest conference hall EVROPA

Professional displays inform and create the atmosphere

Various range of Panasonic professional displays in native 4K resolution with sufficient brightness for use in bright spaces serve as information panels at each conference room and as TVs in the restaurant and lobby bar, where they create the atmosphere. The restaurant is equipped with two 86" displays.The orientation in public areas is simplified by installed 43", 50", 55" and 65" professional displays.

Unique widescreen projection in the main conference hall

The installed solution design is maximally variable. The widescreen projection wall consists of 4 Panasonic PT-RZ990 projectors and allows to use a single image across the entire width of the projection surface or dividing the content into individual segments. Selected server technology enabling any arrangement of the projected image resulting maximum variability and the possibility of organizing various types of events in this conference room. The ET-DLE020 lenses used with ultra-short projection distance allow the presenter to stand directly in front of the projection screen without any shadow appearing in the area of the projected image.

Maintenance free projection up to 20.000 hours

Compact and Flexible 1-Chip DLP™ Projectors PT-RZ990 deliver the brightness, resolution and colour that designers need to enhance exhibits with bright, bold, and vivid pictures.Maintenance free up to 20.000 hours with dust-resistant optical block and long lasting laser engine.

55" navigation display

Information panels with 43" displays in front of lounge entrances

Easy Multi-projector Setup with Auto Screen Adjustment Upgrade Kit

Automatica djustmentfor multi-screen projection or curved-screen projection. By connecting a PC to the projectors through a Hub network, and a camera via a USB cable, the Auto Screen Adjustment software can measure the required adjustment using the connected camera,and then overwrite the connected projectors with correction values, which makes system installation easier and more efficient.The Auto Screen Adjustment Upgrade Kit works as an upgraded function of the Geometry Manager Pro software ET-UK20.

Excellent Uniformity for Multi-Screen Projection

1-Chip DLP™ technology allows for great uniformity between adjoining screens. Minimal variation between DMDs allows images from the PT-RZ990 Series to be easily blended for a more immersive viewing experience.

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