Panasonic VIXELL: New Efficient And Waste-Free International Transportation Service For Pharma

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Bracknell, UK. 11th April 2023 – Panasonic Connect Europe today announced a circular transportation system for temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals that connects continents. Using VIXELL, its unique vacuum insulated box, and partnering with pharmaceutical transport experts Nissin Corporation, the service will initially offer routes between the EU, US and Japan.

Customers will be able to pay for the temperature-controlled international transfer of sensitive pharmaceuticals, knowing the VIXELL system will be reused upon completion of its journey - saving money and contributing to a more sustainable society with the circular system.

“This type of sustainable industry deposit system service could only be delivered using the unique technology of the VIXELL system,” explained Edin Osmanovic, from Panasonic Connect Europe’s Business & Industry Solutions. “It’s a great breakthrough for the sector. Panasonic and Nissin can provide a turnkey solution, dramatically reducing the cost of temperature-controlled transportation and waste.

The robust design, excellent thermal insulation and cold storage performance of the VIXELL solution enable Panasonic to collect and reuse the box after transportation – something not possible with current single-use boxes. For peace of mind, VIXELL is equipped with a wireless vacuum sensor that uses contactless power supply technology, making it easy to check the cooling performance before shipping.

A temperature logger that emits radio signals can also be used to measure the temperature and position of the box in real-time throughout its journey, allowing the customer to check the status of pharmaceuticals at any time. This is possible as a result of VIXELL’s resin housing, rather than the radio signal-blocking metal construction of traditional transportation boxes. 

“With the need for fast, efficient and reliable cold transportation of drugs at the forefront of people’s minds, Panasonic VIXELL is an ideal solution for pharmaceutical cold chain logistics companies,” added Edin. “The ground-breaking design, reliability, efficiency and ease of use of this solution looks set to take the transportation of pharmaceutical goods to the next level.”

For more information about the Panasonic VIXELL transportation solution for pharmaceutical and logistics companies, visit:

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