Extraordinary Experiences Bringing People Back to Events

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Daniela Karakaci

Extraordinary Experiences Bringing People Back to Events

As the conference and exhibition industry starts to see the return of in-person events, improving the on-site experience is the top priority for organisers, according to the latest research[1].

And with people increasingly valuing experiences, one of the best ways to satisfy any audience is to give them something extraordinary. It’s a case of “build it and they will come.” So, just what can be achieved using the latest AV technology?

How to Create Extraordinary Experiences?

Rather than just sitting and watching, immersing the delegates in an experience is one way to grab and maintain the attention. On a small scale this can be simply using projectors for digital signage to present information in different and surprising ways, such as on the floor and walls of corridors, as delegates move around the conference centre.

On a larger scale, it could be transforming your conference capabilities in the same way that Panasonic has helped create Scotland’s only 360 projection space in the Yotel conference area in Edinburgh. Eight Panasonic laser projectors, with specialist lenses, create a stunning immersive environment for visitors for a memorable brand experience. Even the hotels breakfast guests are treated to spectacular moving landscapes - from unicorns wandering through magical forests to a sequence featuring the man in the moon – all in immersive 16,000-pixel wide vision.

[1] North American, European, Central/South American and Asian Pacific Surveys from American Express Meetings & Events, 2020.

The Right Solution for All Kind of Spaces

For MiCo, the largest conference centre in Europe, accommodating up to 18,000 people in around 70 conference rooms, the ability for its projectors to provide accurate images with a high contrast ratio was essential. This type of visual precision was required by its many medical and pharmaceutical customers, alongside quiet operation and reliability.  

Panasonic has also equipped the Cubex Centre in Prague with imaging technology that has established the venue as a regional leader. The Panasonic solutions throughout the centre are designed to provide a feast for the eyes of visitors. The first floor is dominated by an 102m2 4K Plus Media Wall. The main projection space features five portrait-mode laser projectors that deliver a combined light output of 50,000 lumens for stunning visuals and colour clarity. Four more of these projectors are used in the main multipurpose hall to deliver captivating and customised environments for up to 1,000 people.

And on a giant scale, audiences can be wowed using the latest projection mapping techniques. Panasonic projectors have been used to bring to life an incredible 3.65m skull sculpture by BARTKRESA Studio’s Shogyo Mujo at the entrance to Area 15 in Las Vegas.

In the UK, projection mapping was combined with classical music at a sell-out performance of ‘Light Odyssey’ which marked the official launch of Blackpool’s Lightpool Festival. Just imagine the extraordinary experiences projection mapping could achieve at your next conference event!

The Power of Holograms

Harnessing the power of holograms is another new technique that is making the previously impossible, possible and grabbing the attention of audiences across Europe.

In another first, Panasonic and NovaLine combined to bring the famous Dutch performer, Andre Hazes, back to life as a hologram, surprising and astounding an unsuspecting audience at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.

These technologies are about to become much more familiar at conference venues around the world. As well as entertainment, holograms also have a number of other useful potential advantages in the conference event market. They can bring speakers to audiences without the constraints of geography and time, and enable speakers and event producers to record once and reuse many times.

So, as the competition continues to grow to attract audiences to conference events, the use of extraordinary visual experiences has an important role to play. They can engage audiences, help keep attention and brand recall high and ultimately increase return on investment for organisers.

Integration and Maintenance

Of course, one of the most critical factors in creating extraordinary visuals for conference events is the ability to set-up and run the visuals quickly and efficiently and the importance of reliability in maintaining the illusion.

To help make this new era of extraordinary experiences a reality, Panasonic offers a complete glass-to-glass solution for content production, from capturing and mixing to distribution and display. These solutions all incorporate our worldwide recognised quality standards and unrivalled product reliability with low maintenance to ensure that in high pressure scenarios the equipment never lets you down. And when you do need support, our remote monitoring and early warning systems mean expensive problems are often avoided before they even happen.

It’s an exciting time to be in the conference industry. What extraordinary experiences do you hope to create at your next big event?

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