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As the world of conferences and exhibitions continues to evolve and expand, event organisers have three key priorities in mind:

Creating extraordinary attendee experiences and engagement

Delivering hybrid events that are both physical and virtual

Achieving greater sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of their events

So is your conference centre ready to provide what's needed? 
Is it equipped to create experiences that are more immersive, more flexible and more sustainable than ever before?
Can you rely on the technology in your building to deliver the performance and peace of mind event organisers demand, day after day?

Create extraordinary experiences

Panasonic's solutions open the door to endless possibilities for audience engagement, using the latest innovations such as projection mapping - in which video is mapped onto a surface, turning every day objects into interactive displays.

With a complete line up of LCD and DLP projectors, we can ensure any space - from small rooms to enormous auditoriums - is used productively, efficiently and spectacularly, leaving audiences astonished and inspired. With 4K displays ranging from 43-98" and projectors varying in brightness up to 50,000 lumens, our technology can work alongside you in every conference area.

Harness the power of holograms

Provide hologram capability in your conference centre, enabled by Panasonic technology, and you'll create extraordinary, unforgettable experiences at every event. Engatement is enhanced. Presenters and speakers can be showcased at multiple events simultaneously. And presentations can be used for years to come.

With the hologram market projected to be worth $5.4 billion by 2024, we're already helping to integrate the technology in venues that range from Milan Malpensa Airport, to the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. And it's what we could do for your venue today.

Expect extraordinary hybrid integration

Expect extraordinary hybrid integrationUsing the right technology, seamless integration between live and remote audiences (and presenters) becomes possible. And with 93% of event organisers planning to invest in virtual events, the opportunity for your conference centre is huge.

Panasonic's professional camera technology, including PTZ and system cameras, enable high quality images and to be captured and give you the freedom to tell your story. Kairos, our IT/IP platform, can sit at the centre of a hybrid event production as it can take in a host of signal inputs and output them to any format or resolution. This enables you conference centre to play host to hybrid events that integrate live and remote audiences seamlessly - wherever they might be.

Achieve extraordinary sustainability

With Panasonic's help, you can put your venue at the top of the sustainability table. From reducing the venue's footprint and improving visitor wellbeing through to cost savings on energy, water and waste our eco-concious technology and production processes minimise your environmental impact and improve your global reputation as a responsible commercial partner.

The evidence? We were one of the world's first companies to switch from lamp to eco-friendly laser-light sources for our projectors, and the small dimensions of our AV technology means less plastic, and therefore less waste, than our competitors.

Access extraordinary breadth, reliability and TCO

Why choose Panasonic as the partner of choice for you conference centre?

Glass-to-glass solutions

From capturing and mixing distribution and display, we provide a complete chain of content production.

Our PTZ cameras operate in everything from intimate spaces to large venues. Kairos, our IT/IP platform, can sit at the centre of a hybrid event, hosting numerous signal inputs and outputting them in any resolution or size required for projection, display and online content. Our projectors, randing up to 50,000 lumens, make us the world leader in high-brightness projection and our displays range from 43-98".


Our products are ultra-reliable. They go through the most rigorour and extreme environmental testing (drop, dust, earthquake, temperature) and feature fail-safe design.

Low maintenance

Our technology requires less maintenance and installation effort. It fits easily into existing systems and also features (in many instances) plug-and-play capability. Remote monitoring and early warning systems mean expensive problems are avoided before they happen.

Specialist, expert service

We'll give you specialist, expert service, available in all main European languages, backed by our market-leading 'Premium Service' warranty.

Case Studies

The Royal Society

An end-to-end 4K system from Panasonic is helping the world's oldest scientific academy stream next-generation blended physical and virtual event.

MiCo Milan

36 Panasonic projectors are helping the largest conference centre in Europe deliver more than 500 events every year.

Yotel Edinburgh

Panasonic projectors are helping to deliver a unique 360° conference centre and event space for Yotel Edinburgh.

Trusted by the world leaders in conference centres

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