Making waves in immersive experience

An innovative Italian company is fast gaining a reputation for ground-breaking immersive experiences. We look at what drives Artled and the projector technology powering it to success.

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Imagine standing at the foot of a large lighthouse, with the waves washing around your feet on the sand. As you walk, the water swirls and breaks in front of you, responding to each step you take. It sounds like an idyllic beach holiday but this incredible immersive experience was created by an Italian specialist company called Artled for a client corporate event. The interactive sea water around the lighthouse was created entirely by immersive projection – transporting the corporate guests to another world. 

Large brands often dominate the entertainment world, but this 20-person company is also making waves in the industry by spearheading innovative new immersive experiences. In fact, Artled S.r.l counts many of the entertainment giant brands as customers. It’s who they look to when they want to turn heads at large, live events like premiers.

"We have built our reputation by being able to turn incredible, imaginative ideas into reality. If you can dream it, we can bring it to life in an immersive experience."

Turning ideas into reality

The company loves to break new ground in the immersive space, and the next world first project is already front of mind for Sossio. Although still shrouded in secrecy, Artled is planning to project an incredible holographic immersive experience onto water at a globally famous venue in the coming months for a giant brand in the entertainment industry. 

"I don’t believe it has ever been done before and when we pull it off, it will make waves across the industries."

Depends on Panasonic

Of course, to execute its imaginative creations, Artled requires the latest and very best projector technology and the company exclusively uses Panasonic projectors. 

The company invested in the Panasonic RQ35K projectors, the world’s smallest and lightest 30,000lm 3-Chip DLP™ 4K projector. The stunning visuals are achieved by Panasonic’s Quad Pixel Drive technology, which rapidly shifts each pixel vertically and horizontally to produce an image with a maximum physical resolution of 3840 x 2400 pixels (4K/16:10).

The size of the RQ35K is as appealing as its high-quality projection. It’s much easy to transport and install at any venue compared to other projectors in its class. It also saves on labour as it can be transported and installed with just two people and requires minimal storage space.

"Before we invested in projectors, we tested everything on the market and Panasonic was clearly the best."

In-built reliability and redundancy

Another important benefit is reliability. The RQ35K features a sophisticated airflow path, dust-resistant cooling system, and finless radiator for market-leading reliability, with 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation offering peace of mind when projection can’t be interrupted. 

Backup Input guarantees the picture display by automatically switching between signals in as little as 0.3 seconds, without screen-blanking, whenever the primary signal is interrupted or restored.  The projector’s multiple laser modules are also equipped with Panasonic’s unique Failover Circuitry. If a single laser diode fails, projection continues uninterrupted with imperceptible loss in brightness. Failover Circuitry adds another layer of insurance in situations where image display must be maintained.

This ability to switch on quickly is incredibly important when producing live events, because installation and set-up time is always short and speed of response is also critical during a production, explained Sossio. 

"These high-end projectors are powerful without loss of quality, super compact without loss of efficiency and can be turned on incredibly quickly in just 3 seconds."

Sustainability increasingly important

An increasingly important factor in the choice of Panasonic projectors was sustainability. 

"The choice of these projectors helps to reduce our environmental impact. They don’t use lamps, so they are more environmentally friendly and reliable and they use up to 50% less power. In a large set-up this can lead to significant savings by making the whole installation more sustainable and cost effective."

Sossio added that this was not only important to his organisation but also to his customers. “Our customers take their corporate responsibilities very seriously,” he added. “In our upcoming water screen immersive experience, we are even recycling the water to help meet our client’s commitment to sustainability.”

As Artled continues to pioneer immersive experiences, it is clear that success requires a combination of limitless imagination, flawless execution and market-leading projector technology. In its endeavours, Artled has a willing and long-term partner in Panasonic. 

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