Improving the lives of hospitalised patients with Panasonic projectors

IVRSYSTEMS developed an innovative solution with the help of Panasonic PT-EZ770 projectors. A mobile video unit projects relaxing films onto the ceiling provided patients with a calming and personalised experience.

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Location: France

Product(s) supplied: PT-EZ770Z


To find projectors capable of projecting large-format, full-HD images/videos onto a ceiling despite the dimensions of the projection surface.


The PT-EZ770 model was the ideal choice on account of its low noise level and full-HD resolution. Even in tight spaces, the short-throw lens allows fairly large images to be produced enabling patients to become fully immersed.

"Integrating the Panasonic video-projector into our mobile box has proven to be a great success. Healthcare professionals are always blown away by the projections and patients get to enjoy films of beautiful landscapes or peaceful scenes of day-to-day life and feel like they are really there."

A device designed to contribute to the well-being of hospitalised patients

IVRSYSTEMS, a company specialising in content projection developed amobile video unit called “Relaxing Visual Immersion” (or “IVR” in French), using Panasonic PT-EZ770 projectors.The inventor of the IVR solution, Michel Ganz, (together with his two colleagues Anne Deverre and Hubert de Saizieu)wanted to create a mobile video unit capable of projecting relaxing films in large format onto a ceiling for a very specific purpose: contributing to the well-being of sick patients who are no longer able to move.

Integrated into a mobile box, the Panasonic PT-EZ770 projector projects films onto the hospital room ceiling of beautiful landscapes or peaceful scenes of day-to-day life. They were predominantly devised and recorded by IVRSYSTEMS, in full-HD quality, enabling the patient to become fully immersed. The aim is to give patients, who are confined to their beds or are in a semi-reclined position, a calming and personalised experience by providing them with relaxing visual immersion through a “virtual window” above them. The filmsallow them to travel, recall memories and visit places they've always dreamed of.

Personal photos sent by loved ones can also be projected for patients to enjoy. “To date, we have sold 5 units to healthcare centres. We have had a huge amount of positive feedback, in particular from a centre which cares for patients who are in a minimally conscious state (MCS). The carers there have been bowled over by the positive effects. Patients who are usually immobile with a fixed glaze have suddenly been making small movements when the images are projected,” explains Michel Ganz.

The IVR has been designed to be easy to transport to different rooms. The box's surfaces are compatible with antimicrobial detergents and disinfectants used in medical and hospital environments. It features a remote control for operation, a (very straightforward) instruction manual, Blu-ray disks and a coiled power cable. The box iseasy to set-up and designed with healthcare professionals in mind. There is just one plug for connecting the projection unit to the mains and thepower cable is 4 metres long, allowing the IVR to be positioned virtually anywhere in the room. The projector's 5,000 lumens brightness allows for daytime operation without the need to block out natural light and thelow noise level enables patients to become even more immersed.

Thanks to the easy set-up, the company has not had to train any staff at the healthcare centres.

“Our experience of working with Panasonic Business has been a very positive one. When we discussed our project with them, Fabien took an immediate interest and was able to efficiently resolve our issue with real professionalism”, says Michel Ganz.

“We are delighted to have been able to meet the needs of IVRSYSTEMS with our range of PT-EZ770 projectors. Equipped with ET-ELW21 short-throw lenses, they are able to achieve the best possible images with their ceiling projection module. PANASONIC is promoting the development of IVRSYSTEMS and supporting their projects intended to contribute to the well-being of hospitalised patients through the use of imagery”, explains Fabien Hureau, Project Sales Manager – Visual Division of Panasonic Business.

IVRSYSTEMS -5 avenue Foch, 78000 - Versailles - Michel Ganz +33 (0)6 84 99 23 39 - contact@ivr-systems.frfr

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