Panasonic Streamlines Workflows With Range of New AVoIP-Ready Products at ISE 2024

AVoIP-ready or Intel® Smart Display Module (SDM) specification enabled products for Entertainment, Education and Business collaboration.

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Wiesbaden, DE. 30th January 2024 – Panasonic Connect Europe today announced a host of next generation products at ISE 2024 designed to enable customers in the Entertainment, Education and Business world to easily share content from anywhere to everywhere using AVoIP.

Visual announcements included the latest AVoIP-ready and Intel® Smart Display Module (SDM) specification enabled products, more on Panasonic’s new range of Media Processors for multi-projection and the latest developments in sustainable projectors. Panasonic ProAV announcements centred on its ground-breaking new Media Production Suite, alongside the latest KAIROS updates at the heart of Panasonic’s complete IP workflow and true glass-to-glass solutions.

1. New Media Processors Redefine Multi-Projection for Immersive Experiences – Available from Q2 CY2024

Panasonic Connect Europe’s ET-FMP50 Series comprises of three media processors that simplify workflows and enhance multi-projection experiences in immersive environments1. The series includes two box-type devices (ET-FMP50/FMP20) and an Intel® SDM specification slot-compatible function board (ET-SBFMP10). Exclusively designed for multi-projection, the series features manual or camera-based automatic warping and blending as well as media playback functions, streamlining workflow with various user-friendly features while enhancing reliability within a Panasonic multi-projection ecosystem.

With integrators building immersive attractions under time and budget constraints, the FMP50 Series addresses the need for simplicity and reliability in complex multi-projector environments, providing a holistic media distribution solution for Panasonic projection ecosystems. It reduces the need for a high-end media server, simplifies cabling and installation complexity, enhances interoperability, and elevates the visual experience for guests.

2. Panasonic’s most sustainable LCD Projector – Available from Q2 CY2024

Introducing Panasonic’s most sustainable projector to date: The MZ882 LCD Projector Series. With brightness up to 8,200lm, the MZ882 Series sets a new benchmark for visual quality in education and workspaces while placing a strong emphasis on sustainability and cost performance.

It’s a milestone in the company’s effort to reduce the carbon footprint of its products, for the first time including recycled resins (10%) in the main projector unit and featuring recyclable components throughout. The projector, which minimises waste through a reduction in packaging and related accessories, introduces energy-saving innovations while delivering the bright, sharp images in well-lit rooms that customers have come to expect. By transitioning to this flexible projector, organisations can reduce energy consumption, waste, and carbon footprint in line with their Sustainable Development Goals.

3. Immersive experiences accessible to all with new RQ7 1-Chip DLP projector series – Available Q3 CY2024

The RQ7 Series 1-Chip DLP® Projector makes immersive 4K visual experiences accessible to all with this expanded 4K line-up. Positioned between the FRQ60 Series (6,000lm) and the REQ12 Series (12,000lm), the RQ7 Series (7,500lm) offers greater flexibility and a broader selection of projection-mapping solutions for galleries, museums, and Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) attractions. It’s also the first Panasonic projector below 8,000lm to be Intel® SDM-enabled for easy integration into existing infrastructure and AVoIP.

4. Expands line-up of Intel® SDM products for ultimate customer flexibility

Panasonic Connect Europe today announced an expansion of its line-up of Intel® SDM specification slot-compatible products, confirming its commitment to flexibility and choice through its visual solutions. By embracing the Intel® SDM specification, Panasonic’s visual systems can evolve with customer needs, enabling users to adopt emerging trends while enhancing flexibility, efficiency and sustainability. 

With a dominant AVoIP standard yet to emerge, Intel® SDM compatibility provides several benefits as the industry shifts to N-to-N multicast via AVoIP. Opting for Intel® SDM specification-compatible boards allows customers to choose an AVoIP standard that best meets their use case, reducing conversion devices, simplifying system complexity and enabling transmission of media content over long distances via cost-effective CAT5/6 cable.

Panasonic Connect’s vision is a future where visual solutions transform into high-performance edge terminals, enhancing functionality while minimising system complexity. Panasonic projectors and displays compatible with the Intel® SDM specification work with a wide variety of proprietary and third-party function boards. Rigorous in-house verification for these boards confirms interoperability and inspires confidence and peace of mind for customers.

5. Remotely Managed Service optimises complex projection environments

Panasonic’s new cloud-based Remotely Managed Service (RMS) is designed to help partners manage and optimise complex multi-projection environments in fast growing areas such as immersive experiences. Tailored for IT managers in location-based entertainment, events production, edutainment, education, and enterprise, RMS helps deliver system reliability, device longevity, and imaging consistency to support stable long-term operations.

RMS brings Panasonic’s Central Monitoring Center to customers via a cloud-based Remote Maintenance Platform, enabling real-time data retrieval from any projector on the network. It empowers users to remotely monitor projectors, respond to alerts and warnings, formulate preventative maintenance plans, and ensure video consistency through a suite of managed services. Equipped with tools to support and extend operating life, maintain image quality, and streamline maintenance, the solution takes complex multi-projector installation management to another level.

6. New software-based Media Production Suite for intuitive and efficient video production – Available immediately

The ProAV team unveiled its new software-based Media Production Suite to consolidate PC software for Panasonic's professional camera systems into one convenient platform. It provides access to multiple functions on a single GUI screen for highly intuitive and efficient on-site video production. The Media Production Suite, available free of charge, also offers various paid plug-ins that will continue to be expanded in the future.

For example, the soon to be added Video Mixer plug-in will leverage AI technology with the AI Keying function to eliminate the need for a green background when composing backgrounds, even when shooting outdoors The fundamental functions of Device View and PTZ Control are included in the Media Production Suite free of charge. Additional paid for plug-ins will include Video Mixer, Visual Preset and Auto Tracking.

7. Powerful new enhancements for KAIROS live production platform

A number of powerful enhancements for the KAIROS state-of-the-art live production platform have been announced. Building on the system’s flexibility, SDI I/O Boards (AT-KC20M1) have been introduced for the three latest Kairos Core mainframes, the AT-KC200 and AT-KC2000/KC2000S1. With the possibility to add up to 4x AT-KC20M1 units to each Kairos Core, these high performing and reliable SDI I/O Boards increase capacity offering a maximum of 48 Input/Output (32 in x 16 out) with 3G SDI & 4 boards, supporting larger and more complex productions than ever before.

In addition, new firmware (V1.6) for KAIROS, available in Q1 of CY2024, will continue to deliver enhanced functionality. It brings new filters for enhanced creativity, including colour correction. Independent user management features will be introduced. In addition, there will be a new Still Image Store with playlist and transition functionality for simpler and faster production. New optional software for Kairos Core Manager (AT-SFCM10) will also be unlocked to provide users with Core back-up system, media restore and synchronization. 16:10 native resolution in ST 2110, which will be supported in the future, will also be exhibited at ISE.

Also available at the show to see alongside KAIROS, will be the Panasonic UR100 4K PTZ camera, the UCU700/710 4K CCU with enhanced IP connectivity, and the Corporate Studio with complete IP workflow delivering a true glass-to-glass solution.


1: ET-SBFMP10 available from Q4 CY2024
2: AT-KC2000S1 allows up to 2 units to be added

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