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Mobile solutions for keeping pharmaceutical supply chains safe and transparent.

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Mobile solutions for keeping pharmaceutical supply chains safe and transparent.

Pharmaceutical companies are doing everything they can to keep up with the changes brought on by rapid digitalisation and emerging technologies. Mobile computing has become essential for keeping operations sustainable and efficient.

But because of their work environment, lab technicians and pharma manufacturers require a particular type of mobile device. They need something smart, reliable and virtually indestructible, that can easily be adapted to their changing needs.

They need Panasonic TOUGHBOOK: the rugged mobile solution that’s completely customisable to different work environments – no matter how demanding.

Pharma manufacturers look to TOUGHBOOK when they require:

  • Access to real-time data and unparalleled storage at their fingertips.
  • Improved visibility and increased security across their supply chain.
  • A device that can be easily sanitised and used with wet gloves.
  • A large screen that allows them to multitask comfortably.
  • Exceptional battery life in a lightweight and ergonomic device.
  • A device that can withstand extreme temperature changes.

Specialist devices for specialist work environments

When it comes to pharmaceutical lab and manufacturing environments, standard consumer devices just don’t stack up. They aren’t built to withstand rigorous disinfection, extremes in temperature and daily knocks and drops –TOUGHBOOK solutions are.

Maximum safety

TOUGHBOOK devices are rigorously tested with common industry cleaning solutions for easy sanitisation. And while other devices use cooling fans that can bring in foreign particles, TOUGHBOOK devices are fanless – helping keep cleanrooms clean.

Easy to use, on the move

Pharma companies need desktop performance without being tied to a desk. TOUGHBOOK devices are handy and ergonomic with all the functionality and connectivity you need to move smoothly from one workstation to the next. And with superior battery life, they stay reliable throughout the workday.

Complete peace of mind

All Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices come with a 3 year standard warranty. And Panasonic’s Extended Warranty provides an additional two years of warranty, helping you to minimise repair costs and maximise the life cycle of your TOUGHBOOK.

Visibility across your supply chain

Tracking within your supply chain is critical. You need to know exactly where every item is and who handled it. TOUGHBOOK allows you to scan product barcodes, read RFID tags and ID cards all from the same device.

Uninterrupted efficiency

TOUGHBOOK devices help simplify workflows by allowing your teams to navigate touchscreen applications with wet gloves and in extreme temperatures.

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