Specialised Industry Solutions

Conquer your challenges with devices and accessories tailored to your industry

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TOUGHBOOK Specialised Industry Solutions

Specialist teams working in the most challenging of environments need the support of technology and connectivity they can rely on. TOUGHBOOK Specialised Industry Solutions pair the power, performance, and durability of TOUGHBOOK devices with custom configurations and accessories designed specifically to support individual industries and scenarios.

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The EMS Tablet

The first choice
for first responders

Supporting the delivery of faster emergency care and more positive outcomes for patients.

The Material Handler Tablet

Connected logistics for warehouse operations

Enabling greater productivity, efficiency, and visibility  for warehouses, freight terminals, and supply chains.

TOUGHBOOK 40 Tactical

Is a flexible, defence-ready solution

As digitalisation continues to advance across all military operations, networked mission vehicles are becoming a priority, fast.

5G Private Network

Your ideal 5G Partner

Combining the best of 5G network benefits with TOUGHBOOK devices built for 5GSA and the technical support from an experienced industry vendor.