TOUGHBOOK Accessories

Looking for the right TOUGHBOOK Accessories for your devices?

Our made-to-measure range is the ideal answer.

Including rugged vehicle docks and mounts to keep your TOUGHBOOK technology in operation when users are on the road, specialist carrying solutions for maximum convenience and power sources that mean working remotely doesn’t mean computer downtime, all accessories are built-for-purpose and designed to match the way you work.

Every product in our accessory eco-system fits seamlessly with the rugged notebook PCs, tablets and handhelds in our line up of models. And everyone will maximise the performance of your professional TOUGHBOOK devices.

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Battery Chargers

Carrying Solutions

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Desktop Port Replicators

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Flexible Configurations

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Mounts and Vehicle Docks

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Power and Chargers

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Protection & Security

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Stylus Pens and Tethers

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