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Panasonic's Smart Factory Solutions Demo and Training Center

Panasonic Campus Munich emerges as a hub of innovation and technological prowess. Having spent two years as a Software Project Engineer at this dynamic campus, I share my perspective on the exciting world of smart factory solutions, specifically about our SMT demo and training center in Munich.

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by Drishya Raj Rajan, Software Project Engineer

Embracing Smart Factory Solutions

As a member of the Smart Factory team, my journey is intertwined with products that redefine manufacturing efficiency. Within various software solutions that Panasonic offers, my favorite ones are PanaCIM and iLNB line management system

The software suit PanaCIM connects SMT areas and syncs them with management systems to increase profitability and efficiency. Among others, functions like traceability, material control, production analysis, maintenance, and production changeover are linked to the customer system. 

iLNB is a fully integrated line management system and serves as a basis for controlling the entire production line. With only one PC, the whole line is monitored. Production data and production changeover of all equipment can be controlled.

The Showroom Campus Munich

What sets Campus Munich apart is its diverse showcases across industries. The constant updates to exhibits provide a tangible representation of real product development. It's a thrilling experience to witness the progress, with some exhibits actively showcasing the historical evolution. The dynamic environment at Campus Munich fuels my passion for innovation and continuous learning.

A Day in My Life as a Software Project Engineer

In my role as a Software Project Engineer, I am the bridge between software solutions and smooth production environments. Inspecting customers' sites for unique software requirements and planning for new projects keep my days dynamic. Additionally, actively participating in customer demos at the Smart Factory Training Center adds an extra layer of excitement. These demos, tailored to specific production requirements or generally showcasing our electronics manufacturing solutions, present diverse challenges that keep me engaged.

What motivates me is the diversity of customer requirements and the unique challenges each demo presents. The dedicated team at Campus Munich, with its diverse skill set, creates an environment where no two demos are alike. This variety fosters creativity, innovation, and a deep sense of accomplishment.

Behind the Scenes: Crafting Memorable Customer Demos

Preparing a customer demo is a process that demands attention to detail. The duration and complexity vary based on customer needs, with a strong focus on delivering a seamless and informative experience. For software solutions during demos, I collaborate with colleagues handling hardware setup and sales colleagues to ensure a holistic experience. One aspect that has left a lasting impression is the realization that some customers are unaware of our full product portfolio, especially our unique software suites and functionalities.

I look forward to welcoming you to our demo & training center! 

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