Panasonic offers the world’s widest line up of projectors between 3000 and 50,000 lumens.

Take your lighting design to the next level. Use our experience, innovative thinking and our reputation for quality and 24/7 reliability to bring your most creative ideas to life. Panasonic takes the art of projection and helps you use it to light up the imagination.

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Our Professional Projector Ranges
Our Projectors, Your Industry

Our Professional Projector Ranges

Panasonic Connect has the right projector for the right project. Silent, cost-efficient LCD projectors for meeting or teaching. Heavy-duty, durable 3-chip DLP™ for Rental, Staging & Touring. 1-chip DLP™ for continuous, maintenance-free fixed installations in museums and attractions. Whatever the application, our 24/7 reliability makes us the go-to source for light projection. 

Our Projectors, Your Industry

Panasonic projectors are creating never-seen-before visual experiences all over the world. We’re the innovators helping the Retail Industry re-imagine the high-street store. Bringing theme parks and museums alive with immersive experiences and artainment. Assisting educators with making classrooms more collaborative. And making conferences and exhibitions unforgettable events. Discover how we’re helping your industry stay ahead.

What’s new in projection

Have a look at our handpicked selection of game-changing product news and vital information. Stay in the know and catch up on the latest innovations right here, where the spotlight shines on what's new in projection. 

Blogs and Insight

Welcome to our blogosphere, where rapidly-changing technology meets insightful discussions, keeping you ahead of the curve. Dive into the latest trends and navigate the fast-paced landscape of innovation – your compass in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Sustainable Solutions: Our Commitment

Our contribution to society and dedication to fostering a sustainable global environment are evident throughout our projector business. Proactive initiatives to reduce resource usage, emissions, and waste throughout every stage of the product lifecycle demonstrate our steadfast commitment to these goals.

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Discover a realm of interconnected possibilities as our related product groups seamlessly link people, processes, and technologies, driving innovation where it matters most.

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