Panasonic projectors bring to life the surrealism of the painter Iván Tovar in an exhibition through an immersive experience.

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Client: Ivan Tovar Foundation

Location: Dominican Republic

Product(s) supplied: PT-RZ790 ET-DLE020 ET-DLE060


Try to reinterpret the artist's work to achieve the greatest immersion of the public in the universe of Tovar.


Installing our 1-chip DLP laser projectors, 7,200 lm to create an immersive exposure.

"We chose Panasonic projectors and their lenses for their image quality, reliability and optical performance required for this type of event."

Panasonic, a leading company in technological solutions, has given life to the works of the artist Iván Tovar, considered the maximum representative of surrealism in the Dominican Republic, through its projectors.

The exhibition "Tovar, Surrealismo Vivo", located in Plaza España in Santo Domingo, has had the cutting-edge technology of Panasonic to promote Dominican art and recreate the work of one of its most illustrious artists.

"Tovar, Surrealismo Vivo", an initiative of the Iván Tovar Foundation, is part of the new country brand strategy of the Dominican Republic and is the first exhibition of the Dominican world dimension.

Thus, and with the help of the great patron, Héctor José Rizek Sued, Tovar's dream comes true, to project the Dominican Republic as a culturally international country. This project has been possible thanks to the Foundation's commission to the company BGL Grupo Secuoya, which collaborates with Fluge and Romera Infografía to realize the idea and script created by María Castillo, Artistic Director, and René Brea, Producer. The General Coordination was in charge of Carol Félix, from Arteto.

The installation is a commitment to new technologies and places special emphasis on audiovisual integration, the main protagonist of the exhibition.

Thus, Tovar, Surrealismo Vivo' is an immersive space in which the imaginary of the surrealist artist is projected through mapping techniques. In order to achieve the perfect immersive experience, 32 PT-RZ790BEJ projectors have been installed, as well as 32 lenses, 16 ET-DLE020 and 16 ET-DLE060 respectively.

The exhibition includes approximately 200 images including works, letters and photographs that illustrate the life and journey of the artist, with which the visitor can embark on a journey through the key moments of the life of Iván Tovar, reflected in his work. All the paintings used in the exhibition have been graphically treated with 2D and 3D techniques, thus endowed with movement, maintaining their original textures.

In relation to the contents, they have been generated by a team of 10 people including designers, 2D animators and 2D/3D artists, combining the latest techniques in animation without neglecting the high artistic component.

With more than 20k of horizontal resolution (25 million pixels) and 30 million pixels on the ground, we have tried to reinterpret the artist's work to achieve the greatest immersion of the public in the universe of Tovar.

José Luis Carrasco, from Panasonic's Marketing team, says "For Panasonic, taking our technology around the world with pioneering cultural institutions in their country, such as the Iván Tovar Foundation, is a very rewarding challenge".

On a technical level, the installation was carried out by BGL Audiovisual, producer of the exhibition and Fluge Audiovisuales, who was in charge of supplying the technical sound and video equipment of the immersive installation. To make this audiovisual montage it took approximately 14 days, counting on its consequent adjustments to finalize the details before its premiere.

Fernando Carabias, in charge of the technical direction of projection of Fluge Audiovisuales, said "In our task of doing the design and technical development of the project and the installation, the biggest challenge we encountered was to provide ourselves with a technology that projected the greatest minimum of shadows on the walls so as not to dazzle visitors. Thanks to the optical performance and reliability of Panasonic projectors, this was not an impediment when it came to making the installation."


32 projectors PT-RZ790BEJ, 16 Optics ET-DLE020 and 16 Optics ET-DLE060.

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