RJB, RJR and RJC series positioners built to move in synchronicity with robots. Very high positional accuracy.

Panasonic RJB, RJR and RJC-Series positioners are built to move in harmony with robots and are designed for maximum flexibility to meet the needs of your applications.

Key features

More powerful: Graduated range of models for payloads from 100 kg up to 1.000 kg and more per planetary axis.
More precise: Very high positioning accuracy
Extension of robot controller for external axes: control up to 6 external axes simultaneous
Max. Rotating Speed190°/s (31 r/min)165°/s (27 r/min)190°/s (31.6r/min)120°/s (20 r/min)120°/s (20 r/min)120°/s (16 r/min)120°/s (20 r/min)
Max. Tilting Speed125.5°/s (20 r/min)90°/s (15 r/min)     
Operating range rotation-36000° to +36000°-36000° to +36000°     
Operating range tilting-135° to +135°-135° to +135°     
Measurements (L x W x H)780 x 500 x 600mm780 x 500 x 600mm365 x 295 x 540mm365 x 295 x 540mm430 x 360 x 655mm365 x 865 x 655mm435 x 930 x 750mm
Repeatability± 0.05 (R = 250mm)± 0.05 (R = 250mm)± 0.05mm± 0.05mm± 0.05mm± 0.1mm± 0.1mm

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