Electronic Shelf Labels

Centralised, efficient price management

The future success of brick-and-mortar retail lies in the ability to make physical shopping trips as easy and as enjoyable as possible. And this will be achieved through a combination of creative solutions and smart technologies.

Solutions that seamlessly blend the on and offline customer experience.

In concrete terms, this means providing more flexible options, such as click-and-collect, additional touchpoints, and tools that provide rich information.

It means creating the in-store retail experience customers expect in this digital age.

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) will play a key role in achieving just that.

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Quality-oriented, reliable & sustainable

Our approach to quality-oriented, reliable and sustainable retail technology solutions is based on three pillars:

• A top-grade product line-up matching the needs of premium brands and convenience stores,
• a best-in-class deployment and after-sales for delivering customized turnkey solutions and
• the extensive experience of Panasonic, a leading and reliable technology provider for business-critical operations.

Panasonic’s ESLs enable retailers to improve processes, allowing them to focus on what matters most – the customer.

“The system has really improved my store. My staff are more confident working on the tills because they are less worried about any errors between the shop floor price and the till price.”

Peter Juty, Store Manager Costcutter

ESLs are the ideal solution for

  • Supermarket
  • Food
  • Garden
  • DIY
  • Fashion and Apparel
  • Convenience Stores

What are ESLs?

In short, they help to create a centralised, dynamic and efficient price management system. ESLs can be integrated with your store management software, allowing price labels to be updated across the store digitally, within minutes.

Electronic shelf labels can

  • Save time and resources
  • Improve reputation and reliability
  • Decrease errors
  • Save money
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Increase sales and profit

ESLs = future-ready retail

These days, customers demand an exceptional in-store experience. And that requires the right pricing, the correct product information, clear in-store communications, and knowledgeable staff. All of which can be achieved thanks to our Electronic Shelf Label solution.

  • Improve the shopping experience
  • Increase revenue with smarter pricing 
  • Automate price management  
  • Enhance health and safety 
  • Happier staff, happier shoppers 
  • Reduce waste


Calculate the return on your ESL investment

Pricing automation using ESLs allows real-time price management, eliminates pricing errors and enhances the overall in-store experience for both staff and customers.

As such, they offer a truly competitive return on investment.

Use our online calculator to find out how quickly ESLs could deliver you this significant ROI.

Ensuring the price is right

Real-time and error-free pricing and promotion updates, thanks to intelligent, power-saving and beautifully designed electronic price tags

Key features

2 colour patterns
Flexible range
Dual radio
Suitable for all light conditions
Easylock® guaranteed anti-stress position
Low power consumption
5-year battery life

Specifications table

NFC1.6”  2.2”  2.6” 2.7” 3.7”  4.2”  4.5”  5.9”  6.0”  7.4”  12.2”  Fashion tag 1.6” Fashion tag 2.7”
Flash capability1.6”  2.2”  2.6”  2.7”  3.7”  4.2”  4.5”  5.9”  6.0”  7.4”  9.7” 12.2” 
Frequency2.4 GHz & SubONE: 1.6”, 2.2”,  2.6”, 4.2”, 7.4”, 12.2” 2.4 GHz: 3.7”, 4.5”, 5.9”, 9.7 SubONE: 6.0”, Fashion tag 1.6”, Fashion tag 2.7”
Easylock Protection1.6”, 2.2”, 2.6”, 2.7”, 3.7”, 4.2”, 4.5”, 5.9”, 6.0” 
Display Colorsblack, white, red, yellow: 1.6”, 2.2”, 2.6”, 4.2”, 7.4”, 12.2”  black, white, red: 2.7”, 3.7”, 4.5”, 5.9”, 6.0”, 9.7”, Fashion tag 1.6”, Fashion tag 2.7”
Size1.6” 2.2” 2.6” 2.7” 3.7” 4.2” 4.5” 5.9” 6.0” 7.4” 9.7” 12.2” Fashion tag 1.6” Fashion tag 2.7”