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External 4-bay Battery Charger

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Key features

Charge up to four batteries at the same time
Compatible with FZ-VZSU1TU, FZSU1UU, FZ-VZSU1VU
Charge status indicator light so you know when the batteries are fully charged
Includes 100W AC Adapter


The External 4-bay Battery Charger (FZ-VCBG210) is designed to be compatible with TOUGHBOOK G2.

Part Numbers:

  • FZ-VCBG21E - UK
  • FZ-VCBG21G - Continental
  • FZ-VCBG21T - Italian
  • FZ-VCBG21D - Swiss

The supporting AC Adapter can be ordered as a separate item with following SKU:

CF-AA5713A2E (UK), CF-AA5713A2G (Continental), CF-AA5713A2D (Swiss German), or CF-AA5713A2T (Italian).

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