Ultra-Short-Throw Versatility with Zero Offset


Throw Ratio (WUXGA) 0.330–0.353:1

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Ultra-Short-Throw Versatility with Zero Offset 
Flexibility Streamlines Installation Workflow
Durability for Peace of Mind
ApplicationFront- or Rear-Projection for Immersive Spatial Performance
(Museum, Exhibition, Rental/Staging)
Throw-ratio0.330–0.353:1 (WUXGA)
Compatible projectorsPT-MZ880 Series

Note: Use of ET-EMU100 is subject to specific installation and usage conditions. Consult your sales representative for details before purchase. Use of ET-ELU20 requires PT-MZ880 Series with main projector firmware Ver. 1.03 or later.

Ultra-Short-Throw Versatility with Zero Offset

Expanding Choice for Immersive Spatial Performance

Panasonic simplified ultra-short-throw lens and projector installation with innovative zero-offset zoom lenses for DLP™ projectors. The new ET-ELU20 lens brings the same flexible ultra-short-throw performance to select LCD laser projectors, allowing exhibition designers to choose the projection display technology that best suits their needs. These lenses make immersive and efficient LCD laser projection possible from short throw-distances in museums and other exhibition spaces by combining cost-efficient installation with vivid image quality and minimal shadowing.

Short Throw-Distance Reduces Screen Shadows

With a short 0.330–0.353:1 (WUXGA) throw-ratio, the lens supports a minimum projection distance of about 1.43 m (4.69 ft) for a 200-inch (16:10) image. Viewers can approach the screen without casting a shadow, making the lenses ideal for image projection onto passageway walls or other narrow spaces.

Unobstructed Visibility with Zero Screen Offset

The lense enables image reproduction with zero screen offset, eliminating the distracting gap between the top of the image and the ceiling or projector mounting surface. Position the image for seamless floor-to-ceiling image coverage over walls, or completely fill the available screen area without gaps. The mirrorless design also eliminates lens overhang. Mount the projector directly on the ceiling and avoid the hassle and expense of in-ceiling projector recessing to keep the screen clear in rooms with low ceilings.

Uniform Brightness with Lens-Centered Rear-Projection

Thanks to its mirrorless design, projectors can be set with lens positioned at screen center (rather than floor or ceiling) in rear-projection installations. Brightness is distributed more evenly and colors reproduced with greater uniformity from the center of the image out to the corners and edges.

Note: Hotspots may occur depending on the screen.

Flexibility Streamlines Installation Workflow

Optical Zoom Helps Installers Work Fast

Optical zoom enhances projector location flexibility. Installing a projector with fixed ultra-short-throw lens usually demands a high degree of precision, with installers sometimes having to remove, relocate, and reattach the projector several times before correctly placing the image. With ET-EMU100, adjustment can be performed at the technician’s convenience after the projector is installed using powered optical zoom and V/H Lens Shift* functions, saving time and labor and reducing overall cost of installation.

* Lens-shift value is for ceiling installations at WUXGA resolution and will vary by model. For floor installations, up and right shift will be defined as a positive value. Down and left shift will be defined as a negative value.

Flexible Zoom and V/H Lens-Shift Simplify and Expedite Installation

Lens-Shift*1, range of V: ±50 %, H: ±24 % (ET-ELU20) lets you move the image further than comparable lenses in four directions from Home position without needing to relocate the projector for unrivaled flexibility in post-installation adjustment. It increases projector location flexibility where ceiling fixtures or other obstructions restrict ideal placement. For convenience, powered zoom, lens-shift, and focus are performed via projector remote control or the free Panasonic Smart Projector Control*2 app.

*1 Lens-shift value is for ceiling installations at WUXGA resolution and will vary by model. For floor installations, up and right shift will be defined as a positive value. Down and left shift will be defined as a negative value.

*2 For more information on Smart Projector Control app, please click here. Visit the App Store or the Google Play Store for device and OS compatibility information. 

Durability for Peace of Mind

ET-ELU20 employs a tough all-glass lens design that exhibits high resistance to heat and scratches. As well enhancing durability, glass lens elements reduce the incidence of focus aberration that can result from fluctuating operating temperature, helping preserve clear and sharp image quality. Secure stable and long-lasting imaging performance in combination with Panasonic’s highly reliable LCD laser projectors.