Czech ambulances work more efficiently thanks to Panasonic TOUGHBOOK rugged tablets

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The Czech Emergency Medical Services has been undergoing a gradual digital transformation since 2009, when the Vysočina Emergency Medical Service decided to use Panasonic rugged devices in its ambulances. This was followed in 2013 by the South Moravian Region and later by most other regional services. 

Technological innovations enable ambulances and paramedics to provide safer, faster and more efficient care. Previously, the crew had to manually fill in a number of documents, both during the provision of medical care, and at the end of the shift, which was very time-consuming. A rugged Panasonic TOUGHBOOK, together with Medsol’s Mobile EMS Support System, streamlines communication between ambulance crews and doctors and administrative staff at hospitals. An integral part of the system is The electronic patient card, navigation system, application for reception workplaces, and the insurance module – which ensures immediate billing of the patient's treatment – are all crucial parts of the system, and all of which can be managed from the TOUGHBOOK. 

Significant time can be saved for emergency services workers using rugged tablets. However, unlike conventional IT devices, a TOUGHBOOK is also incredibly durable and reliable. Emergency medical services workers, especially medical first responders and paramedics, will push their equipment to the absolute limit and treat it harshly, especially when transferring patients to hospital. The only priority is to provide the best care possible to the patient; in some cases, this means taking drastic measures to save the patient’s life.

"From speaking with our customers about their experiences, they fully appreciate the sophistication and durability of Panasonic tablets compared to the competition. The reliability and workmanship of a Panasonic's TOUGHBOOK far outstrips anything the competition has to offer, thanks to several years of development and testing in the field, under extremely demanding conditions. In situations where the paramedic rushes to the patient, there is no time to treat TOUGHBOOKs carefully; they more than meet the paramedic’s requirements ."

A Panasonic TOUGHBOOK is resistant to many of the factors, that are often found when working in difficult conditions in the field, that would pose operational problems for standard rugged devices. For example, they are not affected by spilt body fluids and medical substances, which is a regular occurence. All ports are secured, preventing fluids from penetrating them. Importantly, they can be cleaned and disinfected after use. The devices can also withstand harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures. Panasonic TOUGHBOOK laptops, tablets and handheld devices simply work where other devices often fail.

"The architecture and build of Panasonic tablets is very sophisticated, enabling additional functionalities to be added. For example, this includes =smart card and RFID readers, enabling high security standards to be maintained in healthcare. This gives Panasonic a huge advantage, as it already complies with the new EU Cyber Security Directive NIS2."

One of the reasons Panasonic rugged devices are so popular with emergency services around the world is their backward compatibility, in addition to their high durability and reliability. This means that when a new model, for example the TOUGHBOOK G2, is launched , it can utilise almost every accessory in Panasonic’s ecosystem, which were originally built for  the previous model. This enables users to maximise their investment in the latest technology at no additional cost.

"Panasonic TOUGHBOOK FZ-G2 tablets, which replace the older G1, are also very popular with our customers, thanks to their excellent HW performance and, undeniably, for their great readability in daylight. The basic specification and performance of the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK FZ-G2 far surpasses anything that the competition can offer."

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