Unleash Seamless Mobility with TOUGHBOOK and Windows 11

Switching operating systems can feel like a chore. However, Windows 11 and Panasonic TOUGHBOOK will change the game for mobile workers, combining true mobility with enhanced security, improved speed, and incomparable performance.

written by: Dirk Weigelt, Product Manager Panasonic TOUGHBOOK

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Field workers are calling on their mobile devices to do more than ever, which calls for an operating system (OS) with supreme processing power. With Windows 11 and Windows 11 Pro delivering greater processing power, security, and flexibility for mobile workers, it has never been a better time to move to the latest version of Windows, especially with Windows 10 end-of-life now just 21 months away.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at how this is delivered by TOUGHBOOK tablets and notebooks.

Reliable performance regardless of the environment

Whether your business is office-based, field-based, home-based, or a combination of the three, TOUGHBOOK devices running Windows 11 are designed to help businesses to work the way they need to.

Windows operating systems have long offered users higher computing power, more memory, and a more powerful CPU than many of its competitors. The additional horsepower makes it easy for users to run multiple applications in the field, and is particularly useful for data-heavy tasks. These can include:

  • Transcription tools that remove the need for note taking, whilst enhancing reports.
  • Predictive analytics and measurement tools, which can assist in making data-driven decisions and dynamically managing mobile field teams
  • Microsoft Copilot to level up organisation’s Microsoft applications with AI assistance

Higher performance levels means an additional strain on battery life. However, with many TOUGHBOOK notebooks featuring hot swappable batteries, users can rest easy about using these additional tools to get the job done. On Windows 11, users can get online quicker and take advantage of rapid web browsing and faster workflows and collaboration tools.

Ultimately, Windows 11 brings users improved performance, faster start-up times, and better power efficiency.


Robust security top of mind

Windows 11 introduces several security enhancements to its users, including enhanced defences against malware (Windows 11 is twice as resistant to malware as previous Windows OS) with Secure Boot and better credentials protection via improvements to Microsoft’s biometrics security system, Windows Hello. 

This has led businesses to report a 58% decrease in security incidents, and a 20% reduction in successful cyber breaches.

Another key upgrade lies in Windows 11’s advancements in cloud security, securing remote and mobile workers. As Microsoft Secured Core PC’s with Microsoft Defender Smart Screen installed on all TOUGHBOOK as standard, and Windows 11 benefitting from regular updates and support, TOUGHBOOK devices will always remain secure and up-to-date. 

Seamless Mobility

Mobile device management is a hot topic in mobile computing, with IT teams needing to monitor devices in real-time, and upgrade and patch software remotely, giving admins complete control. Windows 11-enabled TOUGHBOOK devices can also take advantage of Azure Virtual Desktop, allowing field teams to securely access virtualised desktops and applications in the cloud.

With no two customers the same, and field workers adopting a number of different personas and requirements, organisations need devices capable of adapting to different use cases to extend their lifecycles, and devices often having multiple users in different roles. Windows 11 features the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and System Center Configuration Manager, enabling organisations to set-up individual images for different users with different sets of apps. 

This reduces software licensing requirements, automates and accelerates workstation setup, and allows IT admins to provide a better solution to each job role.
Furthermore, running a fleet of Windows devices removes the need for a third-party MDM software, instead embedding the functionality into the Windows OS. This keeps costs down and ensures that the fleet can easily integrate and connect with a wide range of systems and devices. 

Moving to a new operating system rarely feels like a priority. But with TOUGHBOOK and Windows 11, a small change can make a big impact.

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