Outdoor Solutions for PTZ cameras

PTZ cameras for outdoor applications

Whether broadcasting, sports or staging - some applications require particularly robust camera systems. Panasonic offers different variants to ensure high-quality images and optimal use of the PTZ cameras even in outdoor areas.

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Key features

High-quality images even under harsh conditions
Special protection against environmental influences of all kinds (moisture, dust, etc.)


KST Outdoor Housing


For existing PTZ cameras that are to be used outdoors in the future, the housings specially made by KST Moschkau GmbH for Panasonic PTZs are the ideal solution.  Thanks to the IP64 certified protection, the housing is resistant to all kinds of environmental influences. From humidity to sunlight, dust and insects to smog and salt, it offers reliable protection for the PTZ in use. 

Even under extreme temperature conditions from - 40°C to + 60°C, the integrated active ventilation and heating system ensures that the unit remains in perfect working order. The housing can be mounted either standing or hanging.

Different connection options are available for outdoor housing: 

  • S” with SDI, Ref, Ethernet and 240 VAC connection
  • H” with HDMI, Ethernet and 240VAC connection
  • POE” with POE (Line) Ethernet, SDI and Ref connection
  • "F" with LC-SM-Fibre, SDI, Ref, Lan, 240VAC connection

The housing is available in two different sizes: KST-OH-S and KST-OH-M.

The following PTZ models are compatible with the Outdoor Housing S:

AW-HE40 (disc.)




AW-UE70 (disc.)

The following PTZ models are compatible with the Outdoor Housing M:



AW-UR 100

Panasonic's outdoor PTZ camera

IP65-compliant remote camera - designed specifically for outdoor use.  The UR 100 delivers high-precision images in 4K/60p even under the most adverse conditions. Areas of application that make the use of other remote cameras impossible, for example due to salt damage or other conditions, are no problem for this outdoor camera. Its hermetic sealing makes it resistant not only to moisture, but also to sand, dust and ultraviolet rays. With an integrated defroster, this PTZ camera can be used at outdoor temperatures as low as - 15°C.