Connect2Customer Days 2024

Experience the Autonomous Factory Concept!

Live demos, customer success stories, and insights to enhance your equipment efficiency: Leading industry partners share their expertise.

And a joint Gala Dinner on the 16th.

16th-17th October 2024

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In today’s fast-evolving electronics landscape, advanced SMT equipment is the gateway to superior performance and competitiveness. State-of-the art solutions are designed for miniaturization and high-density assembly, enabling you to produce complex, multifunctional PCBs with unparalleled precision. The Autonomous Factory Concept is all of that – and combines several suppliers behind the idea helping customers to get more out of their installed base. Join us for one day and: 

  • Experience unmatched flexibility and adaptability with the next generation of machines, allowing quick changeovers and efficient small-batch productions.
  • Learn how IoT-enabled systems integrate seamlessly with Industry 4.0, ensuring real-time data analysis for optimal efficiency and quality.
  • Find out more about how modern day’s equipment and spare parts supports eco-friendly processes and materials, helping you meet high standards of quality and reliability while maintaining cost efficiency.

Visit the Connect2Customer Days 2024 to accelerate your time-to-market with cutting-edge technological advancements and a robust global supply chain.

The conference will be in English with offered tours in local languages. 

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Autonomous Factory Concept

Revolutionary technology such as the world's first auto setting feeder for all tape widths and types, the new G-Series with automated printing process and state-of-the-art process control supported by artificial intelligence (APC-5M).

From Manual to Automation

Explore the THT Line-Upgrade

High Mix, Low Volume

Discuss about Protoyping and Sample Build Shop

A Place of Ideas & Inspiration

Exclusive live seminars and demonstrations with guest speakers from our technology partners.

Smart Factory & IoT

Process control supported by AI

Innovation Tour

Trends in Components, Products & Solutions: The Panasonic Campus Munich Tour.


First come, first serve: For your convenience, we have arranged a certian contingent of rooms at Stay2Munich hotel close to Panasonic Campus Munich. Please book and pay the accommodation yourself using the following link to the hotel booking page.

Zusestraße 1
85649 Brunnthal

Evening Event

We invite you to join our evening event on 16.10.24. There will be a shuttle service available free of charge between Stay2Munich hotel and the restaurant.