Die Bonder


High accuracy, high quality, ultrasonic flip-chip device bonding.

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Features and benefits of Panasonic's MD-P200 Die Bonder

The MD-P200 Die Bonder offers the capability of multiple small die stacking which contributes to the downsizing of valuable devices. A variety of epoxy-supplying methods contributes to flexible production. Flip-chip and thermosonic bonding capabilities contribute to higher density and performance for valuable devices.

Unit Level Manufacturing by the synchro-motion of dispensing and bonding

The MD-P200's die bonding is carried out immediately after epoxy dispensing, thereby making it possible to finish the bonding operation before the epoxy has deteriorated. This realizes stable and high quality bonding at all bond positions on a substrate. In addition, the bonding stage camera enables pre-bonding inspection immediately after epoxy dispensing and post-bonding control immediately after the bonding of a die. This process enables manufacturing with real-time quality inspection.

User-friendly operation

A large touch panel and interactive software realize an easy and reliable operating environment for all users from beginners to experts.

Key features

High accuracy
Ultrasonic flip-chip device bonding
High quality bonding process
Easy and reliable operating environment
Manufacturing with real-time quality inspection.

Specifications table

Model NumberNM-EFD1B
Productivity0.56s/IC (Under the fastest conditions) 0.75s/IC for thermosonic bonding(Including process time of 0.2 seconds. Under the fastest conditions)
Placement AccuracyXY (3σ at PFSC conditions): ±7µm (Flip bonding), ±15µm (With pre-centering), ±25µm (Direct bonding)
Substrate dimensionsL 50 x W 30 to L 280 x W 140 (For thermosonic: L 200mm x W 150mm)
Die dimensions (mm)L 0.25 x W 0.25 to L 6 x W 6
Number of die typesUp to 12 types (For AWC)/ Up to 10 types (Tray with the palette changer)/ Up to 5 types (Wafer frame with the palette changer)
Configuration of die feederWafer frame, Pre-expanded ring, Tray
Adhesive dispenserAir-powered writing, Stamping pin

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