Panasonic Expands Line-Up of Intel® SDM Products for Ultimate Customer Flexibility

Panasonic projectors and displays compatible with the Intel® Smart Display Module (SDM) specification work with a wide variety of proprietary and third-party function boards.

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Wiesbaden, DE. 30th January 2024 Panasonic Connect Europe today announced an expansion of its line-up of Intel® SDM specification slot-compatible products at ISE 2024, confirming its commitment to flexibility and choice through its visual solutions. By embracing the Intel® SDM specification, Panasonic’s visual systems can evolve with customer needs, enabling users to adopt emerging trends while enhancing flexibility, efficiency and sustainability. 

Embracing the Benefits of Intel® SDM Specification Compatibility

With a dominant AVoIP standard yet to emerge, Intel® SDM compatibility provides several benefits as the industry shifts to N-to-N multicast via AVoIP. Opting for Intel® SDM specification-compatible boards allows customers to choose an AVoIP standard that best meets their use case, reducing conversion devices, simplifying system complexity and enabling transmission of media content over long distances via cost-effective CAT5/6 cable.

Earning Trust with Rigorous Testing

Panasonic Connect’s vision is a future where visual solutions transform into high-performance edge terminals, enhancing functionality while minimising system complexity. Panasonic projectors and displays compatible with the Intel® SDM specification work with a wide variety of proprietary and third-party function boards. Rigorous in-house verification for these boards confirms interoperability and inspires confidence and peace of mind for customers.

Panasonic Connect will continue to verify PC boards equipped with next-generation CPUs and function boards compatible with various AVoIP standards such as NDI®, SDVoE™, IPMX, and others. It is also developing specific integrations with IT/IP Platform KAIROS for seamless glass-to-glass broadcasting and live-streaming applications.

"Panasonic is offering a full portfolio of Intel® SDM compatible products and will continue to cultivate partnerships for compatible third-party products, such as the upcoming Crestron DM NVX software platform available on Intel® SDM that will be shown at the Panasonic booth at ISE. This shift provides customers with tailored applications that simplify system layouts and improve reliability by reducing reliance on media servers, signal converters, switchers, racks, cables, and other peripheral equipment."

Sustainability Benefits

Sustainability benefits of the Intel® SDM enabled approach include modular upgrades to display endpoints without full unit replacement and connectivity flexibility, all while reducing resources and carbon footprint. The approach reduces reliance on peripheral equipment, lowering energy consumption and aligning with operators’ Sustainable Development Goals. Users of proprietary function boards can also benefit from streamlined troubleshooting and remote device management via Multi Monitoring & Control Software, all complemented by after-sales service from a common manufacturer.


Solutions from the following partners are on display at the Panasonic booth at ISE:

BirddogETC OnlyviewGigaIPC

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