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Key features

Easy import of AVC-LonG25 or G50 - in application AMA tool
Supported video formats 1080i50 and 1080i59,94
Supports time code and spanned clips across P2 cards

The AJ-PS004 plug-in for Avid Media Composer and Avid News Cutter enables the AVC-LongG import feature. This feature enables the import of AVC-LongG25 or G50 clips into the avid environment via Avid AMA link function. The AJ-PS004 supports time code, metadata, batch processing and spanned clips across the P2 cards.

AJ-PS004 plug-in works with Avid media composer 7.0.2 or later and Avid News Cutter 11.0.2 or later. The plug-in software can be downloaded from the Panasonic web site and will come with a 30-day free trial period.

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