4K Studio Camera


4K Studio Camera that realizes excellent color reproduction with high sensitivity and low noise

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Key features

4K video output with horizontal / vertical resolution of 2,000 TV lines with a large 11-megapixel image sensor.
Supports 1/100 second high-speed reading to rolling shutter distortion.
Supports High Dynamic Range (HLG) and ITU-R BT.2020 wide color space.(with AK-UCU600 connected)
Supports HD Hi-Speed (2x).(with AK-UCU600 connected)
12G-SDI output/ TICO over SDI output /(with AK-UCU600 connected).SMPTE ST2110 supported with optional(with AK-NP600).
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The AK-UC3300, a 4K Studio Camera system equipped with a large S35mm MOS 4K sensor to deliver high quality video. Ideal for a variety of production applications, such as broadcast studio, live events and eSports.


The AK-UC3300 has a large 11-megapixel 4K image sensor to achieve resolution of 2000 TV for a richly detailed picture while an S/N ratio of 62 dB or more is maintained at high sensitivities. Built-in optical conversion lens allows standard 2/3-type B4 mount lenses to be used. Additionally High Dynamic Range (HDR) and ITU-R BT.2020 wide color range is supported.



The AK-UC3300 UHD Camera system is designed for optimal video production in dynamic environments. In addition to the 2x high-speed HD shooting function, the skew reduction function - realised through high speed scans operating at 1/100 of a second - provides excellent operability when shooting rapid movements such as during sports and live events


The AK-UC3300 supports UHD and HD acquisition simultaneously providing multi-format support.

Supported Formats:


2160/59.94p, 2160/50p, 2160/29.97p,

2160/25p, 2160/23.98p, 2160/29.97PsF,

2160/25PsF, 2160/23.98PsF,

2160/23.98PsF & over 59.94i


1080/59.94p, 1080/50p, 1080/59.94i,

1080/50i, 1080/29.97PsF, 1080/25PsF,


720/59.94p, 720/50p

HD High Speed

1080/59.94p-120fps, 1080/50p-100fps,

1080/59.94i-120fps, 1080/50i-100fps,

720/59.94p-120fps, 720/50p-100fps


Flexible operation adapted to the application can also be achieved to support comfortable, high quality shooting.

  • Equipped with lens Chromatic Aberration Compensation (CAC).
  • Dynamic Range Stretcher (DRS) function is enabled to control black defects and blown-out highlights.

Accessories & Software

Remote Unit / Controller


1/4-type rack size remote operation panel which supports PoE+ and IP control

Remote Unit / Controller


Master Setup Unit (MSU) - Maximum of 20 CCU can be connected and controlled from an AK-MSU100 Plus Versatile Assist Functions Transmission Camera System to Be Configured at Low Cost

Remote Unit / Controller


With the AK-UCU600 Camera Control Unit (CCU), uncompressed longdistance transmission of 4K/HD video signals via optical fiber is supported. The AK-HRP1000GJ/1005GJ Remote Operation Panels (ROP) are equipped with a color LCD display that provides excellent visibility and functions for quick response. This system achieves high-quality video and excellent operability. In cases where power is supplied by the CCU, it is possible to transmit at a long distance of up to approx. 2,000 m between the camera and the CCU. The distance can be extended up to 10,000 m by providing a local power supply at the camera head and using general-purpose single mode optical fiber. Between the CCU and the ROP, in addition to a dedicated serial line, IP connection via LAN cable is also supported.

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Light weight and high resolution (9-type IPS LCD 1920*1080, 1,100 TV lines) viewfinder with built-in mechanical lift versatile assist functions

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Studio Camera Accessories


17.8 cm (7 inches) LCD Color Viewfinder

Studio Camera Accessories


Full HD OLED Color Viewfinder

Studio Camera Accessories


Remote Operation Panel 1/5-type rack size remote operation panel which supports PoE and IP control *Product Availability may vary depending on country

Studio Camera Accessories


The AK-HRP1010GJ is supporting studio camera systems, remote camera and Varicam series in the future.

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