Unparalleled touch control now comes with stunning 4K image quality


Unparalleled touch control now comes with stunning 4K image quality

Panasonic SQ1-IG displays – with Premium InGlass™ 

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Key features

Best touch accuracy
Multiple touch for collaboration
Best writing experience
Sleek yet sturdy design
Seamless integration
Capability Icon File : VSBD
Capability Icon File : VSBD
Screen Size86-inch
(2174 mm)
(1893 mm)
(1639 mm)
(1388 mm)
Brightness500 cd/m²

Touchscreen reaction as fast as your fingers

As more and more large meeting rooms equipped with projectors are replaced by smaller meeting spaces with flat panel displays, Panasonic’s Premium InGlass™ Touch Display range help you keep presentations creative and engaging. Created by Flatfrog™, InGlass™ is the highest resolution touchscreen technology on the market – with ultra-precise pen writing accuracy and a no-lag touch experience. A smaller distance between the LCD panel and the inner part of the glass give the SQ1-IG unmatched accuracy of touch, with a tolerance below 1mm.

Multi-touch means multi-collaborators

Going beyond traditional infra-red, premium touch technologies such as InGlass™ offer exciting new possibilities for presentations, thanks to more touch points. 20 simultaneous touches and drags give you superior touch performance and much higher efficiency when collaborating with multiple users. With the addition of better image quality, durability – and stronger resistance to ambient light – there are now fewer barriers to true creative interaction.

A writing surface with a natural feel

The new Panasonic displays offer some of the best writing experiences available. The paper-like touch and drawing feel of the screen’s anti-glare surface sets the Panasonic displays apart, whether you’re using fingers, gloves or stylus. Best-in-class passive pens and the lowest latency deliver not just the most accurate writing experience, but also the most natural one.

Smart, stylish looks but strong, sturdy build

Whether you choose, a 55”, 65”, 75” or 86” display, the Panasonic SQ1-IG displays are sleek, attractive and unobtrusive. But their high-end design doesn’t make them delicate. Narrow yet sturdy metal frames surround screens made of 3mm-thick premium glass. Each screen is thick enough to withstand the pressure of the hands and palms of your most enthusiastic collaborators.

Collaboration with connectivity

SQ1-IG offers seamless integration with any modern cooperative environment and becomes an all-in-one collaboration solution by utilising the Intel® SDM slot with screen sharing and annotation applications. For example, the unique Wolfvision PURE BYOD solution on SDM allows you to deliver completely cable-free presentations that require no additional applications, software or set-top boxes, driver downloads or dongles, and can be controlled from the interactive screen.

Specifications table

Screen size (diagonal) (inch)55-inch - 86-inch

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