High brightness 4K Displays and 24-hour Operation

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The SQ1H Series is a model that uses panels with a high brightness of over 1000cd/m², so it is compatible with installation in atriums exposed to glare and outdoor display windows. Compatible with the "12-axis Color Management Function" and "HDR". Thoroughly displays the rich colors of 4K images. With easy, vertical installation, various types of installation have become possible. Also offering energy efficiency and high environmental reliability, this model is capable of constant, 24/7 operation. The SQ1H Series is equipped with the Intel® SDM specification slot standard that supports 4K signals. Combined with the interface board, you can easily use a built-in PC and add various interfaces. DIGITAL LINK function enables simple Installation and low system costs. By connecting the DisplayPort input/output terminals in a daisy chain, 4K images can be simultaneously displayed.

SCREEN SIZE86-inch75-inch
BRIGHTNESS1200 cd/m²1500 cd/m²


High-brightness Panel for a Clear Display of Images Even in Brightly Lit Places

The SQ1H series boasts a brightness of over 1000 cd/m² to deliver a much brighter image than a conventional 4K display. It displays sharp and crisp 4K images even in a brightly illuminated place. When positioned in portrait orientation, it can display an almost life-size image of people and exerts a powerful eye-catching effect.

Auto-Brightness Adjustment function for efficient display operation

The SQ1H adjusts the screen brightness according to the ambient light condition. It adjusts the brightness linearly to keep the displayed pictures looking as natural as possible. What's more, the backlight brightness can be selected from three levels so that the screen brightness can be adjusted flexibly for easy viewing at the specific installation location and efficient power consumption. The displays also have a long life mode, which moderates backlight brightness to extend product life.

* The graph is for illustration purposes only. Actual change in brightness is different from the graph.

Stunning Panasonic 4K Quality Right Down to the Details

With approximately 8,290,000 pixels or about four times the pixels of a Full-HD display, images are highly detailed. This dynamic, large-screen display archives true-to-life, finely nuanced images. The 4K display is an excellent choice for meeting rooms where images are often viewed up close and creates impressive ambiance in signage applications for commercial facilities. It can be expected to attract considerable attention.