The Material
Handler Tablet

Connected logistics for warehouse operations

Enabling greater productivity, efficiency, and visibility  for warehouses, freight terminals, and supply chains.

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Rugged tablets to help material handlers optimise warehouse operations.

Keep logistics moving efficiently requires end-to-end visibility across the supply chain. But the physical layout, unpredictable environmental conditions, and connectivity challenges of large-scale warehouses and freight terminals can impact data access, resulting in missing items, picking errors, and delays in fulfilling orders.
The Material Handler Tablet is a mobility solution designed to support warehouse teams in their role as a vital link within a fully connected supply chain.
Built to withstand the rigours of industrial and outdoor environments, The Material Handler Tablet combines computing power, system integration capabilities, vehicle mount options, and accessories to give warehouse management teams:

  • Seamless warehouse management
  • Vehicle integration and portability
  • Rugged reliability
  • Uninterrupted connectivity

Learn more about The Material Handler Tablet

Download our infopack to learn more about how warehouse operators and the wider supply chain can benefit from the features and capabilities of The Material Handler Tablet.

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Seamless warehouse management

The Material Handler Tablet integrates with warehouse management systems, enabling teams to access and update real-time data, optimise routes, and scan items on the go.

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Vehicle integration and portability

The Material Handler Tablet is supported by a range of shock-resistant vehicle mounting kits and docks, designed specifically for warehouse environments, as well as in-vehicle design consultancy service.

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Rugged reliability

The Material Handler Tablet is built to withstand extreme weather, vibrations, and impact, with a sunlight-viewable glove-enabled touchscreen, making it ideal for vehicle mounting and outdoor use.

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Uninterrupted connectivity

The Material Handler Tablet brings the advanced capabilities of 5G private networks to warehouses, enabling real-time access to systems and data, wherever vehicles and operators go.

Boucard Emballage, France

Full integration of The Material Handler Tablets into forklift truck environments ensures proper safety and durability over time.

DP World, UK

In the challenging conditions of ports and harbours the durability, longevity, and battery life of The Material Handler tablet stands up to the harshest of tests.

Ottomayr, Germany

The Material Handler Tablet plays an integral role in supporting logistics processes and contributing to optimised customer services.