Media Production Suite

Media Production Suite : Software platform to manage media smartly and expand your creativity

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Key features

Work efficiently with smart operation
Plug-in software expand your creativity
Intuitive operation with integrated GUI

It is a software platform that provides a variety of functions that make video shooting in a variety of situations using Panasonic cameras, such as online lectures, webinars, academic conferences, and lectures, even higher quality and smoother. It provides basic functions such as central device management and monitoring, making camera setup, management, and control more efficient at busy shooting locations. Furthermore, operations are supported with a variety of functions provided by paid plug-ins, making it possible to produce high-quality images with a small number of people.

Basic functions

Device view

Various network settings and firmware updates can be performed all at once, supporting efficient operation at filming locations using multiple cameras.

PTZ Control

Remote camera control is possible from a PC. While checking the image on the PC screen, you can smoothly pan, tilt, zoom, and adjust the image quality of the camera.

Paid plugin

Visual Preset

You can point multiple remote cameras at the subject at once by simply clicking an icon on the screen. Achieve multi-angle video production with easy operation.

Auto Tracking

Scheduled to be implemented in the first quarter of 2024

High-precision tracking technology that uses face recognition and human body detection captures and photographs unexpected movements of the subject. You can easily create realistic videos without having to operate the camera.

Video mixer

Scheduled to be implemented in the first quarter of 2024

By utilizing advanced AI technology, various video compositions are realized. By using the compositing function AI Keying, you can easily key the subject without the need for special equipment such as a green screen. 

*This screen is under development and is subject to change.

Utilization image

CASE 01: Effortlessly manage multiple lecture delivery cameras

Remote cameras in different classrooms can be managed with one PC. Even in large-scale operations where cameras are installed in every classroom in a university, the connection status of cameras can be checked at a glance, and firmware updates can be performed automatically. Furthermore, by using the paid plug-in Auto Tracking, there is no need to secure personnel for filming or a dedicated controller, making daily lecture recording and distribution more efficient.

CASE 02: Realize realistic hybrid conferences with easy operation

By using the paid plug-in Visual Preset, you can point all cameras at the speaker by simply clicking an icon on your PC screen. Furthermore, by linking a remote camera and a Panasonic wireless microphone, automatic shooting is possible in which the camera points at the person speaking through the microphone. This can solve problems in hybrid meetings such as not knowing who is speaking.

Customers using conventional remote camera software

Various software for remote cameras (EasyIP Setup Tool Plus, PTZ control center, automatic tracking software) have been integrated into Media Production Suite, evolving into a software platform that makes it easy to incorporate a variety of functions and realizes efficient operation.
You can continue to use the legacy software, but future feature updates will only be implemented in Media Production Suite. If you are already using a license for AW-SF100G/SF200G/202G/203G, SF300G, you can continue to use it as a paid plug-in for Media Production Suite.

*There are some differences in specifications.
*Each paid plug-in will be supported in the future. Please see the Paid Plug-ins section of this page for the timing.

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