Customised multi-touch video walls

VF1H/ LFV70/ LFV8 -SST Series


Ideal for retail, museums or corporate environments

Key features

Fully customised multi-touch solution built with seamless 55” panels to form any video wall configurations.  Most commons video walls are 2x2, 3x1, 3x2, 4x2 or 4x3
The touch overlay covers the complete video wall creating a unique interactive surface with no disruption. The touch overlay service installation is made on site
Up to 20 touch points in the largest video wall configuration
Extremely accurate Shadow Sense technology with real-time response touch and outstanding light rejection
High brightness from 500 to 700 cd/m2 and continuous 24/7 and robust operation 

Customised multi-touch video walls Ideal for retail, museums or corporate environments

Screen Size55- inch55- inch55- inch
Brightness700 cd/m²700 cd/m²500 cd/m²
Bezel to Bezel1.8mm3.5mm3.5mm

Designed for signage and collaboration

The multi-touch video wall increases meeting productivity, boost creativity, encourage collaboration and improve interactive communication. It is also ideal for use as fl­oor maps or digital signage and will enrich audience engagement in museum exhibits.

Panasonic touch video walls are built with highly reliable and durable displays equipped with seamless bezels for an optimal touch surface.

Contact us here to talk about your project and so we can build your customised touch video wall

Multi-touch ShadowSense technology offers high accurate touch and quick response time

The ShadowSense technology uses sensors to detect an object’s shadow and work out its exact location. The displays can automatically detect and switch between input devices, like a fingertip, stylus or eraser, and they can even recognize and ignore accidental touches.

Video wall scalable in any sizes, configurations, either portrait or landscape to reach a wall size of 267” without loss of functionality or performance

  • 20 different accurate touch points *
  • Protective glass 4mm thickness
  • Advanced input recognition that automatically detects and switches between input devices and avoids accidental touches
  • Works with gloves, pens and other objects 
  • Fast response times up to 4 milliseconds
  • Perfect image clarity and anti-glare surface

*Up to 12 multi-touch point available with a 2x1 configuration

Easy installation, set-up and operation

  • No drivers or touch detection processes on host CPU thanks to the USB HID interface
  • Highly scalable and easy to assemble
  • 4K Ready with 4K-capable DisplayPort inputs and outputs, the screens allow you to display 4K images when used in a 2X2 configuration and above (on LFV8 series).
  • Failover and Failback function support emergency situations (on LFV70, VF1H)
  • Video wall manager software and auto display adjustment upgrade kit.*
  • The optional precise mounting system makes it much easier to configure a video wall.

* Panasonic's free Video Wall Manager software and the an optional TY-VUK10 Auto Camera Adjustment Kit will allow you to adjust display settings, and control and manage data via PC.

DIGITAL LINK simplifies installation and reduces costs

Available on TH-55VF1H and TH-55LFV70 displays

Based on HDBaseT™ technology, the DIGITAL LINK connection supports audio, video, and control signal transmission over long distances, and can also be used to daisy-chain multiple displays via a single cable. This eliminates the need for video splitters and other routing devices.

Note: CAT5e or higher STP cable required.

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