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SMT, THT, FATP and beyond

Panasonic provides turnkey solutions for your manufacturing challenges from our portfolio of best-in-class hardware and software products.

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About Smart Factory

Panasonic is one of the world's leading companies in the area of the Smart Factory. Our combined power of being both a manufacturer and an equipment provider is highly unique and has enabled us to deliver proven technology. In the SMT area we offer turnkey solutions for your manufacturing challenges from our portfolio of best-in-class hardware such as laser marking, screen printing, SMT/THT/PTH equipment, odd form component placement as well as FATP solutions. Besides, we provide software products for overall optimization and modular solutions for production planning & analysis, design & simulation, material management, product changeover and traceability.

16 OCTOBER 2024 - 17 OCTOBER 2024

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Panasonic Connect and Factory Automation Software

In addition to our SMT equipment, Panasonic also provides software for factory and production line automation. Our specialist solutions can provide overall optimization and modular solutions for production planning & analysis, design & simulation, material management, product changeover and traceability.

Our expertise is based on more than 100 years of manufacturing and engineering experience creating our own products. As a result, manufacturing is at the heart of everything we do and offer trusted technology and innovation as your partner for a connected future.

The connected and autonomous factory

The autonomous factory of the future hinges on smart, interconnected systems. Panasonic is at the forefront of this revolution, offering SMT Equipment and process management solutions that streamline every aspect of production, from material arrival to final assembly.

Our software and enterprise integration services are designed to enhance operational efficiency, productivity, and traceability throughout your supply chain – all backed by our world-class service and maintenance network.

Connect to the Factory of Tomorrow

Your Smart Factory. Our SMT and software solutions.

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Made in Japan

World-leading Panasonic technology with over 100 years of engineering know-how as a manufacturer, SMT equipment and solutions provider.

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In-house created software

Best-in-class Panasonic Software created in-house as a tailor-made dynamic solution to your manufacturing challenges.

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Trusted Service & Maintenance

Trusted Panasonic Service offering many different services from spare parts, individual maintenance and refurbishment programs of SMT equipment all over the world. Providing first-class support, machine & software training. 


High-quality, reliable screen-printing technology for producing any assembly.



Best-in-class placement solutions from entry level to more complex requirements for any mix, any volume, any time smart manufacturing.


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Panasonic's insertion platforms for radial and axial processes with high density and high speed. PTH / THT (Pin Through Hole / Through Hole Technology) solutions.



Smart Factory in action

Flexible and modular SMT machines for any mix, any volume.

SMT Equipment: Pick and Place Machines

As well as a low-maintenance, robust machine, the European market requires a high degree of flexibility in manufacturing to implement a wide range of applications. Depending on the configuration, these range from very small batches which require a high degree of flexibility to high placement capacities.

SMT Equipment: Feeding Solutions

Highly flexible thanks to intelligent feeder systems Panasonic’s placement systems can accommodate up to 160 feeders depending on machine type, production order and the tape widths used. Thanks to their robust construction, they are designed for use over long periods. Feeders can be mounted at different positions on the machine.

Software Solutions

The collection and analysis of data is based on software solutions that we use in our own production plants worldwide. A variety of solutions are available to enable intelligent partial planning of electronics production right up to the complete control of all manufacturing processes, including the preceding and subsequent steps.

Our Service Offers

from hardware to software
to services to capabilities
to innovation to sustainability…

Our Mission

"Our goal is to make manufacturing responsive in an ever-changing environment."

Peer Schumacher

Panasonic's Universe of Smart Factory Solutions

at Panasonic Campus Munich

Discover our technical centers, laboratories, and service facilities that provide a unique insight into the customized world of Panasonic.

Our Partners

Our Smart Factory team cooperates closely with partners around the world to benefit customers in many regions. 

Where to find us

Panasonic Connect Europe GmbH
Factory Solutions Europe

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Your SMT Manufacturing Q&A

In SMT (Surface Mount Technology) manufacturing, electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits are mounted directly onto the surface of the PCB, as opposed to older methods like THT (Through-hole technology) where components are not placed but inserted into holes on the board. Panasonic offers both SMT machines and THT machines for production. 

Panasonic offers a wide range of SMT Equipment for electronics manufacturing, including SMT Manufacturing machines, SMT Pick and Place and SMT Assembly. In more detail, we offer:

Stencil Printing: Applying solder paste onto the PCB through a stencil, defining the areas where components will be placed.

Component Pick and Place: Automated machines pick up components from reels or trays and precisely place them onto the solder paste on the PCB according to the design.

Insertion Machines: Panasonic’s insertion platforms for radial and axial processes with high density and high speed. PTH / THT (Pin Through Hole / Through Hole Technology) solutions.

Final assembly, test & packaging (FATP): Panasonic Guided Manual Assembly supports production processes where manual placement is still in use to reduce errors and improve efficiency.

Software Solutions: Every production expansion or capacity adjustment should be based on data. For this purpose, it is not only necessary to gather data, but also to process it. To this end, we offer appropriate software solutions.

The NPM G Series is a new platform that brings together four technologies into a single offering that minimizes the reliance on the traditional 5M (Human, Machine, Material, Method, Measurement) method that many production sites still use. The NPM G Series incorporates: 

NPM-GP/L screen printing machine with automatic printing process functions can automatically implement production line changes.

NPM-GH modular mounter with industry-leading mounting accuracy.

Auto Setting Feeder (ASF) for the automatic supply of mounting components, an industry first. The ASF can automatically peel back the cover on surface-mount component tape between 4mm and 104mm wide.

APC-5M system for Adaptive Process Control (APC) tracks the correct placement of components based on the solder printing position and transfers feedback to the stencil printer in case of misalignment.

Please find our software overview here: Smart Factory - SMT, THT, FATP and beyond | Panasonic Connect


Yes, in our Smart Factory Training and Demo center in Munich, equipment can be demonstrated. Please register here: Visit Campus Munich | Panasonic Connect

The G-Series combines AI and automation to immediately respond to customer supply and demand changes through continuous, autonomous updates and offers flexibility and customisable options to address production needs, to make autonomous factories a reality.

The NPM-X series from Panasonic fulfils the requirements of current and future high mix/low volume placement concepts. Panasonic’s NPM-X series provides numerous state-of-the-art options for these requirement profiles, which make tailor-made solutions for efficient placement possible: be it a single or double lane transport system, one, two or four placement heads with up to 16 vacuum nozzles, a wide variety of feeder and tray systems, and standard and special nozzles. Various options are available to users for perfect prototyping, highly flexible small series production or cycle time-optimized high-performance placement.

The range of services is rounded off by state-of-the-art functions for the automated optimization of the placement process and a line control system with the iLNB line computer which can be used for the entire line.

Yes, we do have a lot of service offerings. Please find them here: Service for Smart Factory Solutions | Panasonic Connect