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MD-P300 Flip-chip Bonder

The MD-P300 Flip-chip Bonder is process-flexible, combining flip-chip and thermosonic bonding in a single, small-footprint solution.The MD-P300 contributes to the cost-effective production (high yield, high throughput) of value-added devices. The MD-P300 can achieve high speed and high accuracy bonding through its low gravity point and lightweight bonding head. The MD-P300 supports 300 mm (12") wafers, and is an ideal solution for COB hybrid assembly in combination with an in-line Panasonic SMT placement machine.The MD-P300 is capable of fast cycle times and a placement accuracy of +/-5 μm at 0.5 seconds per IC (dry run) - with thermosonic processes at 0.65 seconds, including process times.


PSX307A Plasma Cleaner

Building upon the PSX307 Plasma Cleaner, the PSX307A Plasma Cleaner features an enlarged plasma chamber capacity that improves productivity. In addition, the PSX307A system is able to handle full wafers (both bare and on dicing frames).  Besides the increased capacity, Panasonic's original Plasma Monitoring System suppresses abnormal discharges resulting in a secure and efficient production process.  Additionally, the option to include a traceability functionality  ensures high level process Quality.


PSX307 Plasma Cleaner

The PSX307 Plasma Cleaner provides 1.5 times the productivity of conventional plasma cleaners. Panasonic's parallel plate plasma chamber technology delivers superior etch uniformity compared to conventional batch-type plasma cleaner systems.By using an argon plasma treatment, ultra-thin gold-plated electrodes can be wire-bonded reliably without the formation of nickel compounds. The savings achieved in cheaper gold plating can provide the ROI justification alone. The PSX307 Plasma Cleaner's other capabilities include surface modification by oxygen plasma, improving mold resin adhesion and under-fill wettability, and reducing the incidence of peel-off, voids, and cracks.Panasonic's Plasma Monitoring System suppresses abnormal discharges for a secure and efficient production process. The option to include traceability functionality ensures high level process quality as well.

P2 Cards


Cette carte P2 offre jusqu'à 30 Go d'espace de stockage. Une seule carte P2 enregistre jusqu'à 30 minutes de données avec le codec DVCPRO HD ou AVC-Intra 100 ou jusqu'à 60 minutes avec le codec AVC-Intra 50.Cette grande capacité de stockage garantit une durée d'enregistrement suffisante même pour un caméscope de point ou un enregistreur mobile avec deux logements carte. Également équipée d'une mémoire flash interne de nouvelle génération, cette carte P2 permet d'effectuer des transferts de fichiers à grande vitesse et des transferts de données sécurisés.Elle résiste en outre aux impacts, vibrations et températures extrêmes afin d'assurer la fiabilité et la continuité de l'enregistrement. 

Studio Cameras


Le PLV100 perpétue l’héritage VariCam avec son image cinématographique, la sortie Vlog et le Dual Native ISO; la prise de vue multicaméra live est rationalisée; au final Panasonic vous propose une caméra studio spécifiquement conçue pour une production Cine-live simplifiée.


AC servo motors

With the help of AC Servo Motors the functionality of positioners can be increased and furthermore additional applications are possible. A flexible solution from Panasonic! The AC-Servo Motors are free programmable and help improve synchronism with robots, enables smoother movement, and enhances productivity.


Welding torches

MIG/MAG/TIG welding torches can be quickly and easily changed; long lifetime; very slim design.

Smart solutions


Visualization by IoT enables improved productivityand quality and enhanced traceability.

TAWERS Arc welding system solution

TAWERS Software

The TAWERS “Weld Navigation” Software is an unique feature that will make your weld development much easier and faster.



Panasonic RJB, RJR and RJC-Series positioners are built to move in harmony with robots and are designed for maximum flexibility to meet the needs of your applications.

PERFORMARC welding systems


The Panasonic arc welding robot cell PERFORMARC H-frame is developed to meet requirements of various industry applications.

PERFORMARC welding systems


The Panasonic arc welding robot cell PERFORMARC H-frame is developed to meet requirements of various industry applications.

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