Collaborazioni per prodotti e sistemi

Panasonic collabora con numerose aziende per consentire un numero più ampio di applicazioni alla sua linea di telecamere PTZ e soluzioni per sistemi live.

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This includes a collaboration with KST-Moschkau, who are providing outdoor housing and wall mount solutions for PTZ cameras.

For live production, Panasonic have entered into a partnership with MOVICOM to develop a custom-designed 4K-ready pan-tilt head called the Robyhead. Its key features include a carbon-fibre design, highly accurate movement and very slow speed of 0.01º/s to 90º/s, whilst including connectivity for both Dual and Quad-SDI, Ethernet and Fiber.

Further live production application support comes from the collaboration with TECNOPOINT in producing the Tuning rail systems that are ideally suited for PTZ cameras due to its matching PTZ control GUI interface, and also meets a requirement for reality TV production.