Connessioni migliori per prodotti migliori.

Connetti il mondo fisico a quello digitale, i tuoi collaboratori ai tuoi processi, e scopri nuove efficienze e potenzialità da sfruttare fino in fondo.

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Una partnership più smart.

L'Industria 4.0 sta già trasformando gli impianti di produzione attraverso big data, automazione e IoT. Purtroppo spesso non hai il tempo di esplorare tutte le nuove possibilità, ma Panasonic Connect ti aiuta a farlo. I nostri prodotti e le nostre soluzioni nascono presso oltre 300 impianti produttivi in tutto il mondo. Quindi conosciamo bene le tue sfide. Le comprendiamo.E abbiamo sviluppato delle soluzioni. I nostri esperti si consultano con te e il tuo personale, per poi comunicarti le conoscenze e le informazioni necessarie per creare soluzioni personalizzate estremamente affidabili e di comprovata qualità. Per aiutarti a creare processi intelligenti, connessi ed efficienti, ma anche a trovare il potenziale inespresso della tua azienda, ovunque esso sia.

Connected solutions for Manufacturing.

Whatever you make, perhaps the most valuable thing you produce is data. Here’s how we can help you connect both physical and digital products and solutions together, manage it all, and use the technology to its most powerful effect. 

Why work with us.

If you thought it would increase your output and improve your success, you’d probably adopt every digital transformation innovation available. But in the real world, a lack of employee resources and the know-how to implement change won’t allow it. That’s why we provide intelligent, connected manufacturing solutions that are customisable – so they work for your unique circumstances. Our consultative approach means we look at the issues from your perspective, not ours. And we work with what you have, to deliver what you need. 

Stories like yours.

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Optimisation for Manufacturing.

Monitoring operations. Analysing data. Improving processes. We do this every single day, across every one of our 325 production sites. We do it not only to identify opportunities for optimisation, but to inspire each other. By doing this, we’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge. Expertise that can be adapted to create operational solutions for you. That allows you to optimise the flow of information between your people, your physical site and everything in your manufacturing process.

Get a view of your future factory.

From shop floor to loading bay, to get a 360° view of the ways we’re supporting manufacturers like you in bringing Industry 4.0 to life, explore our 3D/virtual production facility. 

Helping you hit your sustainability targets.

As if you weren’t under enough pressure to take care of the bottom line, your stakeholders want assurances you’re also looking after the planet. Don’t worry, it’s Panasonic’s mission and philosophy too. Our Smart Factory solutions create more energy-efficient production lines. Our IT solutions connect sites globally, cutting CO2 by reducing the need to travel. Yet these are just a small part of Panasonic’s GREEN IMPACT initiative to reduce not only our own CO2 emissions, but those of our customers and society as a whole. When you partner with Panasonic Connect, you partner for tomorrow.

Insights you can use – right now.

If you want our views and opinions on how we see the future of manufacturing, you needn’t wait to meet us. Here’s where you’ll find our blogs, whitepapers and opinion pieces on the subject. They’ll show you we’re on the same page.

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Where to experience us, virtually.

Find out, firsthand, how our technology can help you. Take a virtual tour of the unique tech centres, laboratories and facilities of Panasonic Campus Munich.

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