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30 Jan 2023
New Immersive Production Possibilities With Panasonic Next Generation 1-Chip DLP Projectors

The PT-REQ12 Series and PT-REZ12 Series 1-Chip DLP™ laser projectors deliver never-before-seen experiences with up to 12,000lm brightness, 4K resolution, and 240Hz projection capability.

30 Jan 2023
Panasonic Expands Its Comprehensive Touchscreen Line-Up With The Best-In-Class EQ2-PCAP Series

Incredible touch accuracy, easy handling without compromise and six screen sizes for any application.

18 Jan 2023
Euro rental & staging giant invests again in next generation Panasonic projectors

LANG AG extends its 30 years plus relationship with Panasonic to provide its customers with an AV competitive edge.

16 Jan 2023
Panasonic Connect Europe’s new website at the heart of its Digital Strategy

New business-focused website presents the latest technological innovations to address today’s business challenges.

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