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Across Europe, rapidly changing socio-economic trends and incredible technology innovations are combining to both disrupt and enhance our lives in equal measure.

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Panasonic Connect Europe is a modern organisation, purpose built to help our customers navigate this fast changing world and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. We exist to help our business-to-business customers use the latest technology innovations to address their business challenges whilst continuing to play our part in contributing to the development of society as a whole. 

We support organisations across a wide range of areas from the public sector and education to manufacturing, retail and transport and logistics, as well as media and entertainment.

We support our customers in two main areas. Firstly, by offering our world leading products from rugged mobile computing devices, to broadcast production and visual and collaboration tools through to specialist supply chain, smart factory, microelectronics and robot and welding offerings. We continue to increase our levels of investment and accelerate R&D in these areas to offer products that consistently improve the levels of value and competitiveness we offer. 

Secondly, our solutions business offers customers integrated systems and services that help address their primary challenges throughout the supply chain. In particular, we are leveraging the AI-driven software applications of the recently acquired Blue Yonder; combining Panasonic’s leading-edge technology, such as sensors, with Blue Yonder’s AI and machine learning based applications.

Using GEMBA Process Innovation, we help customers analyse their workflows and operational processes and use new technology solutions to become more effective, productive and sustainable. This can be used to optimise supply chains and drive new efficiencies equating to real advantages such as energy saved in manufacturing processes, emissions cut through efficient logistics, and smoother running supply chains with real-time needs analysis and delivery scheduling.

We do all this whilst ensuring resilient and robust cybersecurity measures are at the forefront of all stages of development, from product design to implementation and post-market adoption through software updates and patches.

Built on proven 100-year-old values

Our purpose to “Change Work, Advance Society and Connect to Tomorrow” is underpinned by our company culture and values. Our belief in an ethical, sustainable and inclusive organisation has helped us to thrive for more than 100 years. We recognise that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is not just the right thing to do but that it is also an important strategic initiative to help realise our purpose. On sustainability, our Panasonic GREEN IMPACT environmental initiative is designed to help us achieve a carbon neutral future as a company and for wider society. 

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By truly connecting with our customers, listening and understanding their challenges, we can offer solutions that solve their problems and deliver significant contributions to the development of their business. 

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