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The TOUGHBOOK range consists of laptop, 2-in-1 and tablet devices as well as accessories for harsh environments.

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TOUGHBOOK launches two new products in June 2024.

Panasonic Connect has announced the first TOUGHBOOK to feature AI processing at the edge, with the TOUGHBOOK 40mk2 featuring the Intel® AI Boost neural processing unit (NPU), vastly increasing efficiency and accuracy for mobile workers across industries. The standalone AI capabilities – without the need for network connectivity - promise to deliver the next wave of productivity boosts for mobile workers by helping to analyse faults, provide information and complete administrative tasks more quickly.

TOUGHBOOK 40 Tactical
Panasonic Mobile Solutions Business Division has today announced the TOUGHBOOK 40 TACTICAL, revolutionising in-vehicle connectivity with command and control defence networks in wheeled and tracked vehicles. Based on the new TOUGHBOOK 40mk2 version, the T40 TACTICAL is the latest solution from the long-standing relationship between Panasonic and roda computer GmbH.




Dust. Drops. Knocks. Extreme weather. Whatever the challenge, TOUGHBOOK is built for lasting performance.

The TOUGHBOOK range consists of laptop, tablet and accessories. These are partnered with TOUGHBOOK Professional Services such as warranties and support, enterprise-class software, security and integration.

TOUGHBOOK sets the industry standard for ruggedised devices that are customisable for the needs of your mobile workers.
Proven to operate in extreme environments, so the weather never becomes a problem for your mobile teams.


From the warehouse to the warzone, field work to emergency services, TOUGHBOOK is engineered for every industry. 

With custom engineering, amazing add-ons and modular designs available, our rugged devices offer solutions for every industry, environment and role – whether you’re a forklift operator or a firefighter. 

Durability & Sustainability have been the foundation of Panasonic TOUGHBOOK

And still today we keep looking to the future to drive sustainable innovation. That´s why we do anything to extend the life of our technology in order to reduce waste and minimise our environmental impact.

Sustainability is at the top of the agenda for most organisations and departments. Despite an increasing awareness of sustainability issues and a general desire to use computing devices for longer, we still see many businesses stuck in the four-year technology refresh cycle when it comes to the mobile workforce.


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