Ambulance Services deploying mobile technology as a helping hand

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Ambulance Services deploying mobile technology as a helping hand

We are all acutely aware of the difficult and important job that our ambulance services do to keep us safe and well but that appreciation is never greater than when we have experienced their support first-hand – either ourselves or for a loved one.

It’s often only then that we have a true appreciation of the incredible skill, empathy and dedication of those ambulance personnel and the services that support them. That support, in particular the digitalisation of services and the deployment of mobile technology, is transforming the way that ambulance services operate. 

Ensuring personnel on the frontline have access to critical information and can communicate in real-time with the hospital and its specialists is the key to continuing to improve response times, deliver better patient care and empower ambulance teams to save more lives.

But with digitalisation and new technology comes challenges. Where to prioritise technology investment for best return, which technologies to choose and how to develop applications that help - rather than hinder - the frontline team?

G2 in ambulance
That’s why I believe the first European TOUGHBOOK Ambulance Forum is an important event for the sector. The event is designed to bring technology experts and ambulance services together to discuss how technology is shaping the future. It follows on from the success of the European TOUGHBOOK Police Forum event held in April this year.

At the Ambulance Forum, we will hear about new research and discuss its findings. Issues such as how COVID has accelerated the use of remote healthcare solutions, how the future is more integrated communications between frontline staff and hospital services, and how Android, with its improved security offering, could be the future operating system of choice for the sector. 

We will also hear from sector experts and technology leaders, such as Microsoft, Intel and NetMotion, who will discuss digitalisation in the ambulance sector, the challenges of maintaining critical connections on the frontline and the potential benefits to emergency services of the introduction of Windows 11.

There will also be local language breakout sessions, lead by end-users and specialist software partners and integrators, highlighting technology innovation in ambulance services across Europe, including Italy, Spain and Benelux. Examples of tech innovation include the adoption of digital patient records for use on the frontline and how the integration of electronic ID readers in rugged devices is essential.

This forum is a unique opportunity to bring technology and ambulance professionals together to share how the latest solutions are being used successfully and to learn more about new developments in hardware, communications and applications. I hope all ambulance services representatives with a technology responsibility or interest will attend. I look forward to seeing you there!

Find out more about the European TOUGHBOOK Ambulance Forum.

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