A Chameleon for the Defence and Security industry

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Written by
Peter Thomas

Regional Manager

A Chameleon for the Defence and Security industry

With increasingly wide-ranging roles for people in the defence and security industry, choosing the right mobile computing solution can be a difficult challenge. But imagine having a rugged notebook that you could simply and quickly reconfigure in the field to suit your challenge of the day. Need a smartcard reader for border control? No problem. Want to add multi-user authentication, so that the same device can be used by all the team securely? Easy.

Sounds like fiction, but it’s reality with the latest rugged TOUGHBOOK 40 notebook. The powerful new all black model is built for use in the most extreme conditions, with military-grade security and communications capabilities to support mission critical operations…but it’s also a chameleon-like device.

What’s special is the modular design that allows the user to modify the device quickly and easily for different challenges by equipping 7 expansion areas. It’s the perfect field companion adaptable to any task. As well as user replaceable battery, RAM and SSD, the device also has four other expansion areas for smartcard and fingerprint readers. The expansion areas can also be used for a second SSD, DVD and Blu-ray Drives and configurable ports (VGA, True Serial, USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A, and a second HDMI or native GLAN).

It's primarily designed for Defence and Security, including operational use on foot and in vehicle, as well as for vehicle diagnostics and maintenance and for training. For Police and Border Control the device is ideal for operational service, such as routing, numberplate or suspect identification.

But it also has a wide range of uses in other industry sectors. In Automotive and Agricultural, it’s the perfect tool for technicians running diagnostics and repairs on trucks or large machinery at the roadside or in the field. In the Utilities sector, engineers can use the TOUGHBOOK 40 notebook for inspections of pipelines, solar panels and power stations and for maintenance programs.

And, of course, it comes with all the special features, ergonomic design and rugged requirements that you would expect from a TOUGHBOOK device. The high brightness, Full HD touchscreen for viewing clarity at night and in the brightest sunlight. A touchscreen that auto-detects between pen, finger, gloved or wet hand and automatically switches to the most appropriate mode. A newly designed Touchpad, with two physical mouse buttons, that works with gloves and in the rain plus comes with two-finger operation for the most complex tasks in the field.

The batteries can be hot swapped for 36 hours non-interrupted operation, it has all the latest communications capabilities, including options for eSIM to switch mobile carriers without changing sims and LTE, as well as 5G options this summer.

And, of course, it’s as tough as they come. It takes rugged to another level with IP66 resistance to dust and water, meeting military standard (MIL-STD810H) for temperature, humidity and vibration and is 26-side independently drop tested from 180cm. When I think about it, it’s the chameleon of the mobile computing world with an armadillo-like hard shell. Look out rugged notebooks, there’s a new beast in the jungle!

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