Displaying & developing the Future of the Supply Chain

Stefan Hauck, Head of Business and Industry Marketing, at Panasonic Connect Europe, tells us more about the Future of Supply Chain streaming event that took place at Panasonic’s Customer Experience Center in Munich.

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Written by
Stefan Hauck

Head of Solution Marketing – Panasonic Connect Europe

Displaying & developing the Future of the Supply Chain

Ever heard of  OTTOBAHN? Imagine goods and materials being transported high above the highways of our cities in fully sustainable and autonomously managed electric pods that are constantly monitored remotely to ensure optimal conditions. Alternatively, how about using a Hyperloop system to travel extreme distances at superspeeds in cabins floating in vacuums? These are just some of the incredible supply chain transport systems being worked on today and showcased in the recent Panasonic Future of Supply Chain LinkedIn Livestream.

The one-hour session, I had the privilege of co-hosting, discussed everything from these prototype transport systems to the latest cutting-edge supply chain solutions already being deployed today. It was designed to show how organisations throughout the supply chain, from manufacturing, to logistics and retail are optimising their business and introducing sustainable practices using the latest technologies.

An incredible variety of subjects and new technologies were discussed. For example, how the latest cold chain storage solutions, such as Panasonic’s Vixell, could help third party logistics or pharmaceutical companies reduce their carbon emissions and improve circularity through the reuse of these vacuum insulated cooling boxes.


Battle for the shelves

We heard how the latest Electronic Shelf Labels and AI-driven software applications can help retailers win the battle of the shelves. How temperature controlled Smartlockers are opening new opportunities for retailers and last mile deliveries.

In the logistics and warehousing space, we saw automated digital image systems such as the Image ID solution from Zetes or the Visual Sort Assist for the efficient receipt and delivery of inbound and outbound goods. The use of rugged mobile devices to transform the efficiency of forklift and warehouse automatic picking solutions. Logiscend explained how it enhances overall traceability and effectiveness in pick and place as well as in replenishment processes within warehouses.

In manufacturing, Panasonic’s smart factory solutions were discussed as the building blocks for automated manufacturing and the move towards Industry 4.0. How they can offer everything from production line machinery, robot and welding solutions through to manufacturing management software.

Harnessing Edge Tech

Blue Yonder, the Panasonic owned partner company and world leader in supply chain management, explained how edge technologies are becoming the new digital hands, eyes and ears of the supply chain offering insight and opportunities to organisations like never before. Everything from automating check-in and check-out procedures at the yard gate to providing real-time visibility of inventory as it moves through the lifecycle, through to tracking the environmental conditions of shipments throughout the supply chain.

And to help organisations continue to innovate, Panasonic Industry showed its Internet of Things prototyping toolkit, which provides developers with everything they need to create their own applications, such as energy efficient Bluetooth data transfer and air quality monitoring applications.

And last, but by no means least, was the glimpse into the future of transportation systems. Panasonic already has a long history of contribution to sustainable transport systems with its involvement in electric vehicles and ebikes.

The news that OTTOBAHN and TUM Hyperloop are building test tracks and a larger prototype respectively at facilities on or neighbouring Panasonic campuses in Germany was amazing news. Seeing these visions brought to life on the livestream really underlined the incredible role technology will play in the future of an efficient and sustainable supply chain.

But don’t worry if you missed the show, it’s still available to watch and I really hope you will take a look, as the experts explain their visions so much better than I ever could.

To view a recording of the livestream, click here: https://www.linkedin.com/video/event/urn:li:ugcPost:6967462605896478720/

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