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The Docking Divide

Why mobile workforces should be using vehicle mounted mobile devices

Providing mobile workers with rugged tablets and notebooks is a sure-fire way to boost productivity: a solution which allows them to access business-critical apps, collect real-time information and provide a seamless service to your clients is just good business sense.

So, with so many of these devices available and already on the move with our mobile workers, why are only 19% of business-use tablets currently vehicle mounted? 

Despite the risks that come with leaving a device loose or out of reach while travelling, there’s still hesitation around deploying vehicle-mounting solutions, according to research by IDC. *

Here are 5 business-critical reasons you should consider employing a vehicle mounted solution that’s fit for your workforce.

TOUGHBOOK G1 mounted in G1 slim dock onto the dashboard of a vehicle

1: A mobile office, for work on the move

We know what it takes to invest in the perfect device for your fleet. You’ve researched the best solution on the market, gone through the training with your workforce and made sure you have the right support available post-sell.  After investing time, effort and finances into the solution, why leave your workforce without a seamless way to access their technology while they’re in the field?

Whether it’s docking the device so it’s ready to act as your drivers’ GPS, or housed ready in a ‘to-go’ kit in the back of the vehicle, there are a number of options available for your team to safely stow their mobile computing device to ensure it’s always ready for action.

 2: Boosted connectivity for real time updates

Connectivity is crucial for today’s mobile worker, with almost every job requiring real-time information while on-the-move.  If the connection falters, so does people’s faith in the device – leaving your workers and their clients frustrated and disempowered. But how can docking a device help?

There are docking solutions on the market which won’t inhibit – and in fact, could even boost – your device’s connectivity. With TOUGHBOOK, for example, every dock we provide has integrated dual antenna pass-through, creating enhanced connectivity for a reliable experience.

We can even provide additional components, such as rugged routers or vehicle antennas, creating a full-vehicle solution for maximised 3G, 4G and WLAN connectivity. So be sure to check with your vendor whether the solution you’re purchasing is built with connection in mind. 


3:  A safe way to make life easy for your workforce

Safety is one of the key concerns for businesses when considering using a dock for their mobile devices: for example, some may worry their drivers will be distracted when trying to use or adjust their device. 

Well-designed vehicle docking solutions put ease of use at the heart of their design criteria. From simple installation, to easy adaptation and right or left-handed access – there are a number of adaptations manufacturers can make to ensure your crew’s safety is paramount. 

TOUGHBOOK docking solutions use ergonomic design, meaning devices can even be docked and released from their cradles using just one hand. We also extensively test our solutions, which are designed to absorb shock and vibration, and avoid detaching in the event of a collision to safeguard the people inside.

4: A flexible solution with added security

Just because a device is initially mounted on your dashboard, doesn’t mean it can never be stored out of sight. There are different designs available on the market that will suit every fleet’s needs.

Along with safety, business security concerns are understandable when it comes to device docking. We recommend devices are kept out of sight, where they’re more protected when the vehicle is unattended.  You can find docking solutions which can be stored in the rear of the vehicle or otherwise hidden from view – for example, in the vehicle’s glove box.

5. Support which doesn't let you down

No IT manager wants to invest in a solution for it to ultimately end up out of action. Downtime is expensive to any business, no matter the sector, so post-purchase support is an essential part of providing a full solution. This might be something offered by the manufacturer of your device, or otherwise covered by your insurance, so it’s worth checking.

At TOUGHBOOK, we provide the highest level of protection and support for you throughout – and after – your purchasing journey, so we can keep your vehicles on the road. With our technicians available at any time, your workforce can remain at their highest level of productivity, whilst you keep your costs managed, too.

The benefits of installing a docking device are clear. Now, the questions that come with installing a new product solution should all be in the past – all you need is one which helps your fleet reach new heights of productivity.

*Source: IDC Europe survey: Tablets in Enterprise 2.0 - The Larger Opportunity, September 2016

Check out the full research summary on how businesses are making work safer and easier with vehicle docking solutions.

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