Navigating Together Towards a Brighter Future: Our Commitment to Recognition2024

With the European economic outlook beginning to look brighter, Panasonic Connect Europe CEO Hiroyuki Nishiuma reflects on his strategy for continued growth in the financial year ahead.

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As businesses embark on a new financial year, now is a great time to reflect on the resilience and innovation that European organisations have shown over the past 12 months - in the face of unparalleled challenges - and to move forward with optimism.

Over the past year, most countries experienced high interest rate to choke off rapid inflation, and the resulting stagnant or negative growth. Yet, it is important to recognise that during this period, just like our organisation, many businesses have used this time wisely to review and refocus their operations to emerge with renewed strength and optimism as the economic future begins to look brighter.

The power of recognition

At Panasonic Connect Europe, we have long believed in the power of recognition—not just in celebrating achievements but in acknowledging the potential for growth and the importance of collaborative progress. This belief forms the cornerstone of our strategy for the upcoming year, encapsulated in our initiative: Recognition2024.

Recognised for Competitiveness

In a world full of products options, it is of utmost importance that our competitive edge be distinctly recognized. As a result, our focus remains unwavering on enhancing our key products and solution offerings across our key markets of the public sector, entertainment , manufacturing, retail and logistics. In addition, by deepening our commitment to excellence in customer service and aftercare, we aim to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our partners and customers, fostering growth in our core business areas.

Innovative Solutions through Strategic Collaboration

Our partnership with BlueYonder epitomizes our commitment to driving transformation across many vertical sectors. Through this collaboration, we harness the combined power of our unique software, hardware, and consulting expertise, delivering AI-powered solutions that not only address today's challenges but pave the way for future innovations. This collaborative spirit is at the heart of Recognition2024, as we strive to be recognised for our role in enabling businesses to adapt, evolve, and thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

Expanding Value Added Services

The evolution of our service offerings continues to be a critical element of our strategy, with initiatives ranging from lifecycle management in mobile solutions to predictive maintenance and remote monitoring services in visual systems through to refurbishment services in manufacturing production lines. We are dedicated to enhancing the value we deliver to our customers. These services are designed to foster ever more meaningful partnerships, by helping our customers to reduce downtime, and optimise total cost of ownership of their technology investments.

A Foundation of Sustainability and Compliance

Underpinning our goals for Recognition2024 is a long-standing commitment to sustainability, compliance, and societal success. These are not mere buzzwords but the foundation upon which our corporate reputation is built. By aligning our objectives with these broader goals, we ensure that our growth is both responsible and sustainable.

A Belief in Collective Success

The concept of Recognition2024 resonates with me deeply, embodying our aspirations for the year ahead. It signifies more than a strategy; it is a vision for mutual growth and success. By fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation, we not only aim to achieve our goals but also to contribute significantly to the success of our partners and customers.

I’m confident that the path ahead, though still with economic uncertainties, will also be filled with opportunities if we stay focused on our goals and executing effectively. Our commitment to working for the better, growing together, and driving forward with recognition at the heart of our efforts, sets us on a course for a successful and transformative year.

Together, let's navigate towards a brighter, more connected future.

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