Recap Monumental Tour 2023

The Monumental Tour, project of the French DJ and producer Michael Canitrot, gives a new face to heritage sites with Panasonic projectors and AV Extended.

Written by Florence Antony, Field Marketing Manager France

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After 12 shows since 2019 in exceptional cultural sites, the 2023 edition of the Monumental Tour took us to France and Italy, culminating in a spectacular performance at the iconic Eiffel Tower. Initiated by DJ/Producer Michael Canitrot and under the patronage of the French National Commission for UNESCO, the Monumental Tour is a touring concept combining electronic music, heritage, and grandiose staging, blending light shows and giant video mappings. During each unique show,  the Monuments come alive, projected into a contemporary universe. To meet the high scenographic expectations demanded by the Tour, Michael Canitrot and his team have partnered with Panasonic Connect as the official projection partner for the 3rd year.

Powerful high-brightness projectors for unconventional and outsized concerts

For one evening, each of these sites was transformed into a vast open-air immersive music stage, where electronic music merges with historic architecture and breathtaking digital visual creations by the collective of architects and designers AV-Extended. 
Image quality, immersion, and contrast management are crucial points for the realization of these architectural mappings. To achieve this large-scale project, the teams use Panasonic PT-RQ35 series 3DLP™ projectors , which offer high-resolution content projections with unparalleled color rendering accuracy, and the necessary power to adapt to large spaces. It is also the smallest and lightest 30,000 lm 3DLP™ projector in the world, greatly facilitating the setup.

"We needed a first-class partner to achieve our goals because it was a very ambitious project. We wanted to push the boundaries of DJ performances, and with the help of Panasonic projectors, we met the challenge, which was as much technical as it was artistic."

Rediscover historic sites through a new perspective

Cathedral of Laon

To kick off the 2023 Tour, 2,500 people gathered in front of the forecourt of the Cathedral of Laon for a spectacular show. Utilising 4x PT-RQ32K and 2x PT-RQ22K projectors, equipped with ET-DLEW60 lenses to cover the imposing 75-meter-high facade. Ticket revenue was donated to projects for the preservation of the Cathedral's treasures.

Abbey of Maillezais

The five 30,000 lm PT-RZ34 projectors and one 20,000 lm RZ24 projector from Panasonic transformed the millennia-old ruins of the Abbey of Maillezais in Vendée into a living canvas, merging modern music and medieval history. The video projectionsdancing on the stone walls, created a captivating visual experience, transporting the crowd of 4000 people into a euphoric celebration at the heart of history.

Place Stanislas in Nancy

On September 15, 2023, a special edition of the Monumental Tour set Nancy ablaze, bringing together 22,000 people to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Place Stanislas' inscription as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Michael Canitrot and his guests provided over 3 hours of captivating mixes from the balcony of the Town Hall. The spectacle was enhanced by a video mapping spanning 210 meters in length at 270 degrees, as always signed by AV Extended.
On Place Stanislas, AV Extended manages a semi-permanent installation of six Panasonic projectors, including 30,000 lumens PT-RQ35K and 20,000 lumens PT-RQ22K, concealed in ventilated enclosures on the roofs of historic buildings, remotely controllable.

Over 50,000 participants and millions of views on social media

The Tour is a hybrid concept that reaches a wide audience across France and Europe with its physical concerts, which brought together nearly 50,000 spectators for the 2023 edition, as well as through broadcasts on social media and television channels.

Michael Canitrot's Monumental Tour concluded in style at the heart of the Eiffel Tower, marking the centenary of Gustave Eiffel's passing. This audio-visual concert was broadcasted on television and social media platforms. Over 10 million people worldwide were able to enjoy it.

Congratulations to the entire team for this exceptional achievement.

"Inspired by the past. Experience the present and imagine the future. "

To learn more about Panasonic RQ/RZ séries : PT-RQ35 Series | Panasonic Connect

To learn more about the Monumental Tour Our achievements - Monumental Tour - Monumental Tour (

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