Software Key for Framing Control Software

Key features

Up to four separate HD videos can be cropped from an 8K image.
Each cropped image can be panned, tilted and zoomed individually.
Up to eight 8K Multi-Purpose Camera units can be linked for cropping a maximum of 32 different HD videos.
By linking the panning, tilting, and zooming of several cropping frames, you can save time and effort in multi-camera and multi-angle operation.
An easy-to-use GUI and joystick controller simplifies operation.

8K ROI (Region Of Interest) Camera System Software. Single 8K Multi-Purpose Camera serves as four HD cameras to improve operating efficiency and reduce operating costs in live events and sports applications.

8K Multi Purpose Camera: AK-SHB800GJ (LC connector model), AK-SHB800PSJ (ST connector model)Image Processing Unit: AK-SHU800EJ (LC connector model), AK-SHU800PSJ (ST connector model)

Framing Control Software

Screen for setting connected devicesScreen for detailed setting of linking frames

Screen for setting connected devices


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