How to make it to the bottom of the sea without getting in the water.

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Client: Atlantis Aquarium

Location: Madrid, Spain


How do we achieve highly realistic images?


By using over 40 projectors and more than 60 state-of-the-art, professional displays to provide the brightness, autonomy and outstanding quality and reliability a spectacle of these characteristics requires.

Atlantis Aquarium, Panasonic and Power AV join forces to create an immersive experience that takes you to the bottom of the sea

"“Panasonic’s technology coexists with more than 20 aquariums, 2,300,000 litres of water and over 150 marine species at Atlantis Aquarium”"

Atlantis Aquarium Madrid has relied on Panasonic technology to give visitors a fully immersive experience of the underwater world, without having to actually submerge in the water. To achieve this, industry specialist Power AV havebeen working on the project for 4 months.

This innovative space features 20 ecosystems, over 200 different species, 42 video wall displays, 30 projectors and more than 100 Panasonic screens. The immersion starts at the aquarium's entrance, where there is a giant display made up of 42 Panasonic video walls. Everything turns blue upon crossing the threshold, and then the spotlight moves to the digital immersion tunnels, with their upper panels, two giant screens and aquariums.

The Panasonic projectors display content on the walls about the mysteries of the world beneath the surface and the challenges we are currently facing to preserve underwater habitats. In this way, Atlantis Aquarium Madrid aims to offer an interactive tour featuring species and ecosystems from the rivers and seas through digital, virtual and mechanical recreational elements that teach us how to protect the planet.

Hand in hand with Panasonic, Atlantis has become a place where reality and the digital world come together, as different aquatic species coexist with virtual projections that are almost as impressive as they are themselves. To create this interactive space, a rigorous selection process tookplace to select the technology needed to make every inch meet with the renowned aquarium's quality standards and commitment towards innovation.

About Atlantis Aquarium:

A Parques Reunidos group endeavour, ATLANTIS AQUARIUM is located within the Intu Xanadú shopping centre, on the A5 in Arroyomolinos, Madrid.This innovative space boasts 20 aquariums and some 10,000 specimens from 150 species, like the loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) and the gentoo penguin, as well as tropical fish, corals and jellyfish. From the mangroves to the coral reefs, the abyssal depths, Antarctica and the virtual beach ending, each ecosystem features interactive activities that provide tips on the sustainable use of water, on how to check the speed or weight of certain marine species or that simply allow for strolling along an interactive beach.

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