Mediaset deploys Panasonic Kairos to support live IP workflows

Today Mediaset represents one the most advanced European broadcasters in the integration of ST 2110 and recently has integrated two Kairos systems to produce two new StudioLight production divisions.

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"Kairos has enabled us to complete our project of developing towards standard 2110, thanks to its full compatibility with our infrastructure, which operates in IP, an uncompressed mode."

"Kairos has been a particular, positive surprise for me, both owing to the ease and immediacy of learning and owing to Panasonic's response to our requests for the personalization of several functions. At the same time, I have been struck by the number of functions it is able to implement at operating level, as well as its stability."

This is no secondary factor for us, as we have completely integrated 2110 standard into all of Mediaset's operating divisions, both at production level and with regard to content management”. The solution planned for the StudioLight division is therefore intended to develop a new workflow methodology, that will have positive repercussions on both quality and productive efficiency for Mediaset.

[A person working on a computer Description automatically generated with medium confidence] This term is intended to mean use of the system for prominent productions, but limited by the complexity of the production format. So we are talking about talk shows rather than news or infotainment programmes. And the Mediaset team has had some pleasant surprises in adopting Kairos.

From ease of learning and use, even by operators who are not particularly skilled in IT-IP technologies, to the stability and completeness of the functions that enable any production project to be tackled, to the speed of reaction of technical support who, even in the event of requests for particular personalizations, have been able to provide solutions in less than a month. This is rare for a Japanese multinational of the size of Panasonic. Salvatore Palillo, General Manager Panasonic Italia, wished to state that: “Kairos provides a unique solution on the market today, both owing to its advanced technical features, operating to standard 2110, uncompressed, and owing to the great operating potential, capable of adapting to most production requirements of small and large units, and owing to its flexibility (operating in SDI and NDI as well) and scalability which also makes it available for smaller investments”. The systems have been supplied by Professional Show, a system integrator and certified Kairos Partner (systemics) and Kairos Academy Partner (training), which has followed the various stages of integration, together with the technical support team of the Japanese company itself.

Tax incentives for acquiring Kairos

One of the other strong points of Kairos is the fact that the system directly implements several elements and tools that should be suitably assessed, from a strictly financial point of view as well, in the planning and definition of the investment. Moreover, being a system based on standard 2110 and therefore on IP technology, Kairos responds perfectly to the specifications of several major institutional financing lines and various tax incentives, as well as the provisions issued by many regions, the Industria 4.0 standard and other similar standards, which enable the Kairos system to be acquired with several forms of contribution that reduce the actual investment made in the purchase by percentages ranging from 50% (as a tax credit, for example), to the sum of several incentives, which may amount to 75% or even 95% of the total contribution.

Therefore, if that is the case, the actual disbursement is reduced (particularly for units established in the southern regions) from 25% even to 5% of the amount invoiced, based on the financing lines and concessions applied, in the various divisions. In practice, any production unit, professional or private tv may start up or update its structure, based on the most advanced technology (also operating in uncompressed 4K or even 8K mode, and based on the other standards), and integrating high flexibility and production potential, with an investment of a few thousand euros.

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